Top 10 Teas of 2018!

Top 10 Teas of 2018!
Hi Tea Friends! As we close out 2018 and move fully into 2019 we want to highlight our top ten teas of 2018!
No big surprise here. Our fan favorite, Hot Cinnamon Spice, takes the gold yet again. 
Coming in second we see our Cream of Earl Grey. This decadent blend incorporates vanilla, the ever enticed bergamot, and of course, vanilla!
Like me, feeling the chill? Let's at least mentally transport to the beach with this tea!
For before bed or in the later hours!
This tea always proves most popular for our green tea customers!
Also, as someone who is not typically a green tea drinker, I would like to say, this is my green tea of choice! Light & beautifully scented! 
Just like the name, this Chai is sent right from the heavens. Heaven Sent Chai builds a complex flavor on top of the classic chai formula, with a full flavor pool of chai-associated spices. Every note is present here with just mouth-watering balance: clove, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper on top of the classic cardamom-infused black tea base. Sweet heat is the name of the game here: tangy black tea given body by these sweet, earthy spices.  
Our beautifully, elegant green tea. We recommend this to all of our new green tea customers. 
People! Aside from the "Roasted Yerba Mate", this has been my tea of choice. It reminds me of the lemonade stand days; even in these sub zero temps! I highly recommend! 
This blood orange tea does not disappoint. Another one of my personal discovered favorites this year! 
We love all of our Rooibos teas (check them out!). But, this one in particular is a favorite because of it's dessert draw! Who doesn't love chocolate? & without the calories?!


Try them! Let us know what you think! We love hearing your feedback! Stay cozy, tea friends! 
- Kay-tea :)


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