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Matcha is simply green tea ground into a fine powder.  

All the goodness of green tea in a powder. Nothing lost and wasted as the complete tea leaf is used.  This classic Japanese green tea is perfectly suited for drinking, cooking or recipe construction. 

Smoothies and cool drinks are particular favorites with this incredibly fine-grade green tea.  Have a favorite green tea cocktail? Try it with this powder and you might just find yourself turning that notebook into a list of recipes. Here is a versatile, adaptable, always refreshing way to get your green tea fix. Matcha – simply the Japanese word for green tea – is one of Japan's key cultural institutions; the central ingredient in ceremonial tea rituals. But it doesn't end there; Japanese school children count matcha-flavored ice creams, hard candies, sodas, and sweet and plain drinks.  Vending machines are lined with jolly matcha products often accompanied by a cheerleading mascot who proclaims the virtues of each manufacturer's blend. 

Buddhist  monks enjoy alertness and focus with green tea

Read the blog post about Buddhist monks and green tea.   Learn the potent ingredients in tea that help them achieve Nirvana.

Our culinary grade mix is a must for the cabinet of any experimentalist who wants to turn heads with a sweet, cool, hot, or frozen treat. Yet delicious enough to make as a cup of tea.

Our matcha is packaged in a air tight food grade metal tin.  Product of Japan.

We recommend a matcha measuring spoon and the Matcha Frother to create a smooth drink.  Easy to use and professional results.

For a traditional Matcha Bowl and Whisk Set click here


Here is a blog post showing you a few ways to prepare matcha. Courtesy of The Oolong Owl

Here is a recipe from for a cold matche Latte -


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