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Sleepy Time Teas

Drink these Loose Leaf Teas to Get Sleep

If sleep eludes you, review your caffeine intake.  Try these tips. Don't drink caffeinated drinks like coffee, sodas energy drinks in the late afternoon.  Caffeine can stay in your body for many hours.  Also some foods contain caffeine.  Sugar also will keep you up too.  Carefully look at your caffeine intake and reduce it.

Replace caffeinated drinks with our decaffeinated loose leaf teas or with our caffeine free herbal or fruit loose leaf teas.  Our loose leaf teas take a few minutes to brew so turn your night time brewing exercise into a bedtime ritual.

Bedtime rituals work. Remember back to your childhood days when a bedtime story was the cue to transition to bedtime.  As grown ups, we still need rituals.  Make our teas part of your night time ritual.

Take a lesson from the Japanese tea ceremony and make your night time ritual a time to practice being present in the moment.  While you sip your teas, take a moment and give gratitude for the good things in your life. Appreciate your cups of teaselixar. Make this 10 minute space a time to transition to bedtime mode.

Better yet share a cup with your significant other and take a few moments to enjoy each others company. 

Practice these things and sleep with come easier. 

Our fruit teas have a sweet flavor but do not contain any sugar.  The dried fruit give the smell of sweetness but are calorie free.

Included in our collection are teas like Chamomile which is classic sleep tonic. Our Chamomile has a honey fragrance and if blended with Peppermint makes a great night time sleepy elixar.

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