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Best Loose Leaf Teas

We are pleased to offer the best loose teas. We offer only loose teas as we believe it offers the best flavor. Our teas are sourced from around the world. Teas grows best in hot humid climates like those found in China, Japan, India, Sri Lanka and Africa. However, like wine each growing area produces raw leaves that vary significantly. Combined with the different techniques used to process the leaves, creates an even larger diversity in styles and flavors. Our collection of over 100 loose teas offers a wide overview of teas that are popular with Americans.

This pages shows all the teas we offer. Use our menu to look for the various styles such as Green Teas or Flavored Black Teas.  An alternative way to find teas would be to navigate by Category.  Here we have listed our teas by Organic, Sleep Ease etc.  

Black Teas - Most black teas are grown in the former English colonies like India, Sir Lanka, and parts of the Africa. Black teas were actually introduced to the English by the Chinese.  The Chinese actually prefer green teas but they choose to sell the English black teas.  The reason they did was probably the fact that black teas would travel better than the more delicate the green teas.  The English loved all teas so much that it created a trade deficit and then war.  Read the blog post about the Opium War.

Flavored Black Teas. To add a little flavor to plain black teas, blenders added flavoring to teas.  An old favorite recipe is Earl Grey which is made with the addition of an Italian citrus Bergamot.   Our most popular teas happens to be a flavored black teas especially Hot Cinnamon Spice.  With it deep spicy flavor powered by cinnamon and clove it has been called "Christmas in cup".  The cloves creates a sweet counterpoint to the cinnamon.  This classic is also available in decaf and makes a great night time cuppa.

Whatever styles of teas you like, we offer over 100 teas in many styles to choose from.  

Green Teas - Green teas are most popular in Japan and China.  In Japan the varieties of green teas are limited but in China there are many more varieties.  One of our more popular of Chinese teas is Jasmine Dragon Pearls.  

White Teas - White teas are probably the oldest of the teas as the leaves are only dried and this process was simple. Fact and legend are hard to separate since teas were first discovered in 2737 BC and facts get blurry over time.  The first teas were probably brewed as green leaves and perhaps some were dried and preserved to enjoy in the colder seasons.  

Oolong Teas - are half way between green and black teas in color and taste.  The oxidation or the agitation of the leaves which causes the leaf to be crushed. The amount of this oxidation is greatly reduced in the making of Oolong teas.

Herbal & Fruit Teas  This final category is a catch all for the non-teas. Technically speaking all teas comes from a specific plant called Camellia sinensis. Americans call any dried herb, fruit or plant that is steeped in hot water teas. In French, Tisane means infusion and we refer to our fruit and herbal teas as such.  Our tisanes contain flowers like hibiscus, herbs like rose hip, fruit like mango, apple and pineapple which brew up a delicious cuppa. 

Our herbal selection also includes straight herbs like chamomile, ginger etc.  Lots of customers like to drink the herbals straight or mixed into other teas.  A popular trick is to blend a pinch of lavender into green teas.

Loose-Leaf Teas





African Autumn - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 10.00
The famed mild-yet-substantial Rooibos blends of South Africa make for transportative experiences no matter what other flavors find their way into the blend. This tea is instantly recognizable as rooibos – which makes for all the more fun and skill when blends are based on this red leaf. And when they work, there's little to match their fragrant plainsland richness. Honey and heat, air and aroma. Autumn below the Sahara. If that sounds like the ideal way to experience a lush, slyly complex tea, then you'll want to pay close attention to this singular rooibos. With the viscosity and warmth found only in rooibos, African Autumn takes its flavor collection to some unexpected places: allowing for orange and cranberry to bring a citrus-sweet roundness to the flavor. Naturally caffeine-free, this is a bracing tisanal that brings to mind the plainslands where the famous red bushes grow. The ingenuity of adding sweet orange and tart cranberry makes for a strident, if...
Amethyst Berry - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Purple is a color that is often associated with royalty and this tea is certainly fit for the kings and queens. It brews to a vibrant purple color that is incredibly pleasant just to gaze into, but your delight will be enhanced as this tea graces your palate. Blended with hibiscus, butterfly pea flower, apple pieces, rose hips, orange, papaya flavor, blueberries, strawberries, and natural blackberry flavors, as you sip this decadence your taste buds will be delighted by the depth and continual surprises present in this tea. While it is certainly delicious both hot and cold, we highly recommend this tea chilled. It is very refreshing and a wonderful treat for any afternoon! Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit Health properties: Hypo-allergenic, respiratory-positive. Flavor strength: Modest, primary collection is papaya with  deep berry notes. Caffeine: None.
Angel Falls Mist - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
. Engulf yourself in the mist of a strawberry waterfall. Totally intoxicating and so very refreshing. Rising from an internationally sourced collection; the extraordinary blend of flavors in our Angel Falls Mist  loose leaf fruit tea is not for the faint of flavor. Rather, it will delight even the most dubious lover of rich flavor collections. Think you're the man who's tried it all? The woman who's love of tapestric fruity profiles could never be satisfied? The connoisseur who knows just what the day has in store when he's confronted with a tea with more than six point sources of flavor in its collection? Think again. Angel Falls Mist describes such complexity in an herbal tisane, you'll hardly be done with your first hot cup before you're ready to ice a batch. That's how versatile this blend is. Iced, hot: it's ready to surprise you. Can you imagine the accent that this tea would have...
Apricot Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Delicate sweetness compliments the astringency of the bold black tea, just like Bogart and Bacall. Black Apricot tea is a full-fledged part of the fruit-tea renaissance, adding its name to the list of elegant blends that exemplify how well a black base can mix with natural fruits flavors. True elegance does not overwhelm, but rather implies simplicity. Therefore, when this steely-yet-warm black apricot blend is referred to as “elegant” - remember that that doesn't mean that it will take over your whole mouth. Quite the opposite, actually. Measure by measure, this apricot flavor luxuriates; yes, but not in a way that ever distracts from the black leaf. Tea indeed it is, astringent, nutty, a little touch of complication, somehow even. Inviting, isn't it? This singular blend shows off the balance of a basic black tisanal and an unlikely dried fruit; our friend the apricot. With the sharp sweetness of apricot...
Assam - Organic Loose Black Tea
$ 10.00
Assam is the main ingredient of all breakfast teas. It adds the brisk or astringent flavor.  What’s the best part of a morning routine? Many people would say coffee, but the epicureans among us may say tea. If you are a true tea aficionado, you are a fan of Assam tea and if you are a tea-lover who hasn’t tried Assam, you will be a big fan. So intense and yet smooth, this tea appeals to both the palate of a reluctant tea drinker and that of a gourmet. But, for those who know tea, Organic Assam is a staple drink. Robust, complex and pungent describes the lush and intense tea leaves, big and dark, hailing from the Assam region of India. Organic, this black tea is the fruit of cool nights and hot days, hallmarks of the perfect tea-growing climate.   Substantial and malty, this breakfast tea is cream of the crop—of the tea crop,...
Belgian Chocolate - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 10.00
A supple, vitamin-rich, fat-free Rooibos base meets a cacao infusion and the results are as tantalizing as the blend of South African and Belgian implies. Calendula flower petals add to the unique, brassy, rich flavor collection as a whole. Cederberg is known for the lingering, incomparable flavor of its Rooibos leaves. This “red bush” is known to South Africans as a relaxant, antioxidant, and provider of a flush, melty flavor. In this case, the always-blendable Rooibos loose tea plays off of the coal-ish, insular pleasures of cacao to form what is often described as a “truffle” note. A medium-flavored "red tea", Belgian Chocolate is a quirky treat, especially for those who have already discovered the pleasures of Rooibos. Perfect as a luxury loose tea (and perennial gift favorite), Belgian Chocolate is a tea to be savored. Which makes it such a pleasant surprise that its lineup of health benefits includes an impressively-broad vitamin scale. Whether you're celebrating...
Bella Coola - Organic Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
What a lovely Infusion! A tea predominantly orange in character with a touch of pineapple sweetness. This multi-faceted tea works several refreshing angles even as it takes its sweet, unhurried time. Tangy sweetness and crisp layers make this vitamin rich, caffeine-free tea perfectly adaptable as an iced tea as well. Connoisseurs and newcomers alike will delight in the tropical possibilities that arrive with an immune-system boosting vitamin C kick. Serve hot in the winter and cold in the summer garnished with fresh pineapple or a slice of orange. Wondering what else Bella Coola could possibly accomplish with its elegant sweet-tang richness? Freeze a batch as popsicles and watch kids beg for more. Finally, for winding down at the end of long day sipping this summer infusion by the pool, explore how it also makes a nice base for summer cocktails. Brew it extra strong for a deep red color that fades...
Berry Berry - Organic Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
The loose leaf fruit tea so nice you have to say its name twice.  Berry Berry walks the fine line between indulgence and simple fructose-soaked pleasure. But need we worry about where pleasure and recreation meet or simply enjoy? Truly; Berry Berry puts simplicity back into the simple pleasure that is afternoon tea.  It also brews to a playful shade of purple that children tend to love. Here's how it pulls that minor miracle off: elderberry and hibiscus and raisin meet a baseline blueberrry tang to create this incredibly gardenial blend. Caffeine free and sure to suit any diet or health goals; Berry Berry earns its name and then some. Every pleasure in life has two sides. Berry Berry shows off its multifaceted character by being both tangy and sweet in turns. Tart with hibiscus and elderberry, the raisin steps in to add sugary blooms in each mouthful. But its...
Bingo Blueberry - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
A fruity concoction that is certain to excite the taste buds in the same way a rousing game of bingo excites the mind! There was a drinker who had a tea and Bingo Blueberry was it's name-o! This light burgundy-red brew is a mixture of all-natural ingredients: dried elderberries, raisins,  apple, cornflower petals, hibiscus and all natural blueberry flavoring. Its aroma is one of sweet fruit and freshly harvested herbs. With a pinch of organic cane sugar, this caffeine free "tea" becomes a sweet treat that can be enjoyed hot or iced, morning or night.  Blueberries are extremely healthy. Their many health benefits include reduced blood sugar, memory retention, lowered cholesterol and lowered blood pressure. Blueberries also contain nutrients such as vitamins C and K, and dietary fiber. In addition to the health properties of blueberries, elderberries have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. They have been shown to reduce respiratory congestion, treat rheumatism, and...
Black Currant Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Like a relative unknown, Black Current makes it big splash in the loose tea world. We invest time in important people and things. If we're lucky, our returns are true: matching our investments and then some. Such it is with this fine Black Currant tea; a prime example of letting a flavor settle into its match with its base, and not simply insist on itself. Put differently: currant's make for a polite house guest, one well suited to the clear, uncomplicated pleasures that a clean black tea has to offer. China black pairs and pairs and pairs. There's none that could accuse it of requiring a delicate partnership (like, say, the viscous, bushy Rooibos family) or of tending to dominate no matter what (looking at you, matchas). While those qualities make for their own unique rewards and fascinating blends; there's still a place firmly embedded in the heart of every tea lover for the elegance of a one-flavored black....
Blue Eyes - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Frankie - Old Blue Eyes himself use to croon - And I did my way.  Teas categorized as herbal and fruit are – in some circles – treated as newcomers to the arena. This blend accommodates the tastes of people who wanted to experience a refreshing healthy new style drink without caffeine. So whether you think of our Blue Eyes fruit blend as a guilt-free treat or simply just a fascinating and fresh` new format for true tea-ness to take; we know that satisfaction will be singular and lingering. How can we make this promise? What we've got is a terrific ‘tea’ that is unbelievably delicious and enjoyed hot or cold! Versatile and well suited to newcomers and experts alike; this tea has a downright exotic flavor collection. It begins with the sweetest and tartest notes of caramel and fruit. The fruit, for its part, is unveiled in a medley of flavors...
Blue Sapphire Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
A milder black tea from lush valleys of Kenya Catch your breath and remind yourself of the glassy depths of the world of black teas. Start with the look of it: this brambly blend reveals its simplicity striking proposition at first glance. Cornflower is laid in all of its deep blue beauty atop the black tea that you know offers a mellow, afternoon-ready character. Clarity is key in this unassuming two-note tea, known for aiding focus and providing antioxidant support. This hot black tea also isn't afraid to wield a sapphire-smooth kick: it's medium caffeine levels add to its rebellious naturalism. Kenya through and through – with a pointed, glassy collection of floral black notes. Named after the famed Kenyan gemstone, Blue Sapphire is as memorable as it looks. Let this exquisite black tea bring gentle flavor to your morning, afternoon, or evening.   Base leaf: Black tea from Tinderet, Great Rift Valley, Kenya. orthodox production TGFOP - Tippy...
Bourbon St. Vanilla - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 10.00
Rooibos, on it's own, has a subtle, earthy flavor, like the smell of your backyard just after it rains.  This subtle flavor makes a marvelously malleable base upon which a skilled hand can craft remarkably imaginative flavors.  Flavors like Bourbon St. Vanilla.  Bourbon St. Vanilla: Hailing from Cederberg, South Africa, this Roibos-based tea brings a sense of discovery to its calming herbal blend. Long known in South Africa for its antioxidant properties and its calming effects on the mind; Bourbon St. Vanilla's name speaks to its well-traveled origins. Roobios' ability to blend is exemplified in the natural vanilla flavoring that rides on top of delicate notes sifted into the tea's almond layers.   A medium-flavored "red" tea, Bourbon St. Vanilla will delight the collection of those familiar with Roobios. For the tea-lover looking to become acquainted with the Roobios branch of tisanes: Bourbon St. Vanilla offers a flavor-focused entry point into...
Bright Orange - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Bright Orange - Fruit flavored loose leaf tea Quenches like nice else. Grab some today. What a welcome surprise every time an herbal tea has all of the flavor and potency of an old fashioned cuppa. Not to mention a little something extra. The secret to this tea – often cited as a tea-lover's favorite? Does what it says on the tin. Labeled Bright Orange; this is a spirited tea with an unquenchable (but not overpowering) basin of citric orange flavor. This unique blood-orange tisanal can be enjoyed in the afternoon along with a few minute's quiet break or added to one's normal daily tea time. Sweet but tangy enough to be a more “serious” fruit tea; Bright Orange is deceptively delicious. Fruit tea calls to mind specific times and locations. It's the sort of aromatic experience that locks itself in memory and insists on only returning at the nostalgic...
C of Tranquility - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
A super blend of sleepy time organic herbs consisting of Chamomile flowers, Peppermint and Rooibos. The immortal words uttered from the moon wouldn't have been possible without one special letter: C. Or, more accurately, the “sea” that we hear in that letter. Parallel is the literal Sea of Tranquility – a dried oceanbed on the moon that rippled to life for the briefest moment when the Apollo lunar module touched down years ago. But the C also represents the Vitamin C plentiful in this tisane. Like that one letter, the word “tranquility” contains much. Feelings of peace and rest and the binding of the two. Just as not all rest or sleep is peaceful; not all teas are equal in their effect on the mind and body. We drink different tisanals at different times and with different intent. C of Tranquility is a unique blend with a flavor collection that...
Caffeine Free Hot Cinnamon Spice - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 12.00
It's so good we got it in Caffeine Free Too. If you're a fan of the Decaf or Caffeinated version of Hot Cinnamon Spice, here is yet one more option for you. This is  Caffeine Free Version.  There is a difference between Caffeine Free and Decaf is subtle but for those of you tea drinkers who has a caffeine sensitivity know exactly what we're talking about. If you want to learn more about the subtle differences read this blog article. About Hot Cinnamon Spice  This tea has the herbal tea Rooibos as its base loose tea.  Rooibos, which is sometimes called "Red Tea" is naturally caffeine free and is noted for its many healthy qualities including strong aniti-oxidants to protect your body.  Added on top of this base loose tea is cinnamon for a savory spicy taste and Cloves for natural calorie sweetness. The two spices give this tea a...
Canandaigua Chill - Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Canandaigua Chill is our signature blend of apple, strawberry and a touch of cinnamon spice. Sometimes it only takes a word, or a phrase. Spice. Apple. Chill. The warmth and closeness conjured up by the images, smells, and even sounds that these bring up is, for many people, immediate. In America apples, spice, and apple-flavored (and apple-spiced!) things are perhaps most closely associated with the home-bound holidays of the fall and winter seasons or even the quintessential American Apple Pie. But a great tea is good any time and any place, and our Canadaigua Chill captures the autumnal pleasures of its hearty flavor collection and makes them accessible year-round. Add a healthy dose of varietal berry flavors and a pinch of clove, hibiscus, and other tantalizing wild cards, and you have an incredible blend: cosmopolitan and homey in each sip. Canadaigua Chill abounds with herbal goodness. A true herbal fruit...
Caramel Rooibos - Organic Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 10.00
Settle in for a session with our house Caramel Rooibos, and prepare to be surprised. Among the benefits of this organic herbal tea are its rich texture, memorable blend of dessert flavors; and yet also a lightness that renders it satisfying but not overly filling. Not bad for a blend that also adds some elemental health benefits to the mix. But this isn't just any sweet caramel creme blend. This is a daring and bold rooibos mix with all of the richness and curious viscosity of the red-bush base taking charge as the sweet notes playfull round out the full flavored satisfying, lingering finish. This ruddy, delicious blend boasts two simple favorites meeting in every sip. Rooibos, Afrikaans for Red Bush, is often lauded as a plainsland tea devoid of the fussier aspects of a fruit blend and more interesting than a classic black. We think that every tea has commendable...
Ceylon - Organic Loose Black Tea
$ 10.00
A classic black tea from Sri Lanka with a delicious clean tangy aroma, and refreshing citrus taste.  Sri Lanka’s balmy island has been given many names. Its current name in Sanskrit means “resplendent island.” The British called it Ceylon, derived from another Indian word meaning “blood of a lion,” a term reserved for heroes. The Persians called it “Serendib”, from which the word serendipity was coined. And so it goes for any unsuspecting adventurer who takes a sip of this unassuming tea, bound to serendipitously discover a resplendent brew that truly is the hero of its own story. Along the bronze-hued beaches and temple ruins of that marvelous island, favorable trade winds have created many microclimates suitable for growing a diversity of teas. And the tropic climate has produced year-round harvests. This Ceylon is a classic black tea that lives up to its home-grown heritage.  Smell it first. You’ll be greeted with a clean, tangy aroma. Take a sip. You’ll...
Chinese Silver Needle - Loose Leaf White Tea
$ 14.00
Hailing from the Fujian province and with a long dynastic history, Silver Needle white Tea (Bai Hao Yin Zhen) is storied and sophisticated. A favorite for group events and holidays, it makes appearances at many important occasions. Still, enthusiasts love to savor it alone, enjoying the night-like qualities that it offers when experienced in the quiet. Delicate, dry, and slightly more caffeinated, this white tea is exemplary of the leaf's qualities, prepared with the harvesting of young buds meant to accentuate and simplify the white tea flavor, a favorite of tea lovers everywhere. This highly prized tea is the immature bud and leaf of the first blooms or "Flush" with it's white down on the leaves and buds.  After a long resting period during the winter, these first buds are believed to pack an abundance of healthy goodness most desired and making it highly prized by tea lovers.  The tea has a very subtle...
Chocolate Mint - Loose Leaf Rooibos Tea
$ 10.00
A caffeine free tea - a real treat with its combo of chocolate and mint. Minted fresh. Rolling out of obscurity; here is the final word on all things flavorful. Perhaps. Because the order of taste belongs to tried and true schema. Thus a rich mint infusion of Chocolate Mint Rooibos may prove more preferential than a plain cup. Why not try it. Its a caffeine free tea, zero calorie dessert in a cup. With the storied Rooibos at its core, Chocolate Mint stands to reason: both in terms of its primary collection and its flavor profile as a whole. You couldn't manufacture this if you wanted to: a deep Rooibos flavor; red in its appearance and full in its richness. Infused with a crisp mint. An unexpected visitor bringing a cool mist to the table even as chocolate fills it out. The final product is mellow and indescribable. Try to have someone put...
Chocolate Mint Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Like the ice cream or the Girl Scout cookies, this tea will delight your palate. Close your eyes and imagine pleasure in its purest form. For your sense of taste chocolate is a powerful seducer. For the more delicate palate, a sprig of mint can make a meal. Long known as additionals, add-ons, and flavorings; chocolate and mint take center stage in this wonderful tisanal blend. Mint brings to mind sharpness and clarity. With a razor-like coolness, it divides up the other flavors it is combined with and takes its own unique taste right to the roof of the mouth. Rising into the sinuses, mint is a natural mate for the grounding, melty, warm presence of chocolate. Balance is key but we don't mind saying that this desert tea is a chocolate tea first and a minty concoction second. In that sense, the flavors are team mates and not rivals. Best in the...
Chocolate Truffle Oolong - Loose Leaf Organic Oolong Tea
$ 10.00
A mostly organic tea that is chocolate forward on bold roasty Oolong tea base.  Contains trace amounts of dairy and sugar. A complex blend of Oolong Tea, Rooibos, Apple, Cacao Beans, Cacao Powder, Chocolate Bits, Natural Chocolate and Vanilla Flavor and White Chocolate Bits. If you adventurous and looking for a new tea style this is Oolong tea.  If you are super adventurous this tea add a chocolate punch.  Try it you wild and crazy guy.  PS. Its cheaper than therapy and less expensive than wine. LOL
Citron Green - Loose Green Tea
$ 10.00
A light refreshing cup of loose tea One of the oldest and most oft-traded blends of loose tea, Citron Green is considered a simple, elegant tea – valued as much for its intrinsic qualities as it is for its blendability. But there's a perfect blend for every base. For tea lovers, we're sure that this crisp Citron Green will prove a strong candidate. Clean, lemon-y and sweet; it gets right to the heart of citrus: that same pleasant sweet astringency that loose tea lovers have chased since their first taste of plain black. Sourced from China, this loose leaf tea offers the country's knack for providing teas that are both made with incredible seriousness and appreciate a playful note or two. And thus we have a green as formally precise in its astringency and clarity as it is bright and citric. Forgoing the warmer orange or gardenial hints, Citron Green trusts the blend of lemon and green...
Citrus & Ginkgo - Organic Loose Green Tea
$ 10.00
Simply delicious loose tea blended with Ginkgo and Lemongrass From China, a green tea whose color, flush ginkgo content, and flavor collection all profess innate, sensory brightness; Organic Green Tea with Citrus and Ginkgo is a prime example of how an loose tea can bring “functionality” to a relaxing, tantalizingly-flavored tisanal. Ginkgo's properties are known, but nonetheless its place in this loose tea blend bears mentioning. From it's ability to stimulate concentration, memory storage, and even tactile facilities such as balance; ginkgo is one of the oldest continually-used medicinals. But let's take a step back and remember the pleasures of life that we hope to stay healthy for in the first place! This true Chinese Green tea's organic blend isn't shy about including stripped organic lemongrass and an keening, springy overall flavor. Lemongrass grown and mostly used in Asia is an important herb in the Indian system of ayurvedic medicine. Lemongrass has many more health benefits than lemons,...
Cranberry Apple - Organic Loose Leaf Fruit Tisane Tea
$ 10.00
Cranberry Apple - Not too sweet and not too tart. A fall favorite A strong contestant in swaying people in the eternal “hot or cold?” debate: organic Cranberry Apple offers to let you have your tea and drink it too: it's superb cold or hot. A no-nonsense herbal fruit blend, this tisane features a mouth-watering cast of the usual herbal suspects; plus a few surprise guests in center-stage positions. Let's begin with citrus, since your mouth will feel it first. The unswerving tradition of mixing orange peel with hibiscus and rosehip is honored here leading to that time-tested blend of managerial soothing and citrus snap. It's impossible to ignore the puckish sweetness on display here, even as the more mature nostril-fuls of apple enter the mix. The collection's identity, though, is still – just for a moment – untethered until the arrival of the cranberry, whose gravity pulls the mixture to the tongue and throat, making each gulp an...
Cream of Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
This is a must have tea in your stash. Always have some on hand.  One of the most enduringly loved and widespread teas is certainly a ripe candidate for variation. And so we have Cream of Early Grey, a wonderful and silky take on the incredibly popular Earl Grey stalwart. But we'll not leave you guessing: the difference is melting sweetness; vanilla and floral, and it beautifully and without overwhelming, answers the question: how could Earl Grey possibly be improved? Earl Grey's distinguishing element is Bergamot, the citric oil whose sharp-sweet enriching flavor seems designed to cling to steam and heat itself as they rise up through a perfect hot cuppa. The simplicity of Earl Grey can be appreciated in how the Bergamot naturally matches the plain black at-home warmth of the drink. Any additional flavor, it might follow, would do well to also provide a mellowing layer rather than a...
Darjeeling - Organic Loose Black Tea
$ 14.00
Affectionately called the "Champagne of Teas", Darjeeling tea hails from the foothills of the Himalayas where the steeper slopes begin.  At 6,600 feet, the growing climate is distinctly different from those of other areas of India or even china. The temperatures here are cooler but the sunshine and rain plentiful. Some say the higher elevations makes the sun more intense, but there is no science to back this up.  IF YOU WANT DECAF DARJEELING CLICK HERE The soil here is minerally and drains well and is perfect for growing tea. Soil and sun are strong determiners of the quality of the tea leaves which give this tea a unique muscatel wine flavor which has been prized by European tea drinkers for centuries. It is perhaps the worlds best know black tea. Our tea is graded TGFOP which stands for Tippy Golden Flowery Orange Pekoe. The simple rule to understanding this arcane...
Decaf and Organic Green Loose Leaf Tea
$ 12.00
A Loose Leaf Green Tea - Decaf and Organic. Science and beauty may seem like strange bedfellows, but thank goodness for the modern decaffeination process and hot teas that we can now soothe ourselves with even if it's not the right time for caffeine. Here, therefore, we present you with the supremely welcome Decaf Organic Green, a tea that exploits the health properties of the green tea leaf without the drinker needing to consider the caffeine kick. Perfect for the evening unwind cuppa. And it's delicious. This is a single-estate Indian tea whose origin is as clean and prestigious as the first sip of a hot cup. In the high hills, this thin-air green tea is cultivated, prepared, and dried all to full rich flavor, before being introduced to hypercritical C02 which draws up and dissolves the isolated caffeine from the tea. It's a crisp, brilliant method. And the result?...
Decaf Ceylon Loose Leaf Tea
$ 10.00
Ceylon is a classic black tea.   It's flavor and aroma are most similar to that of Assam, but is slightly lighter.  and more floral.  This is a classic black tea from Sri Lanka, and it’s delicious because of its clean tangy aroma, and refreshing citrus taste.  Sri Lanka’s balmy island has been given many names. Its current name in Sanskrit means “resplendent island.” The British called it Ceylon, derived from another Indian word meaning “blood of a lion,” a term reserved for heroes. The Persians called it “Serendib”, from which the word serendipity was coined. And so it goes for any unsuspecting adventurer who takes a sip of this unassuming tea, bound to serendipitously discover a resplendent brew that truly is the hero of its own story. Along the bronze-hued beaches and temple ruins of that marvelous island, favorable trade winds have created many microclimates suitable for growing a diversity of teas. And the tropic climate has produced...
Decaf Cream of Earl Grey - Organic Loose Decaf Black Tea
$ 12.00
Completely Organic and decaf blend of smooth Vanilla and Bergamot in a black tea blend. CO2 decaf process.
Decaf Darjeeling Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 11.00
Darjeeling, the “Queen of Teas” This luxury tea is found in the choicest groves in the lowlands around the Himalayan mountains. It's high-borne character speaks to the rarity of this tea's character: a brisk, light color that offers up initial aromas of sweet, floral, keen qualities. From color to flavor, Darjeeling is rightly often described as autumnal, drawing mid-level notes from its cool land of origin. An estate tea, this blend is carefully curated to preserve the same methods that have made it a standing favorite for so long. IF YOU WANT CAFFEINATED DARJEELING CLICK HERE With its citrus brightness and a medium body beneath, Darjeeling rests with royal bearing, neither overbearing nor over flavored. Rather it represents the same, ineffable sensual experience that first drew the west to the concept of royal tea. Something both here and there, both floral and clear. Among the large brown leaves are smaller green flakes...
Decaf Earl Grey Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Be very British - make yourself a cuppa Earl Grey. To describe Earl Grey as naturally “bright” is to put a well-earned fine point on one particular part of its overall flavor collection: the oil of bergamot that rests atop the classy, unassuming black base. Coming from the earthier eastern tea farms of Sri Lanka, this tea bears more of a western sensibility hailing the trade routes that once connected Sri Lanka to Europe. Handsome in sight with cornflower petals completing its mixture, Earl Grey is a longstanding everyman/everywoman's tisinal; it's flavour easy to access and understand. Nothing particularly gardenal nor sweet, and yet nothing tending towards complexity or astringency. A tea for all times, weathers, moods, and seasons; Earl Grey is a lovely and naturally decaffeinated (using CO2) way to enjoy tea at its simplest. Sure to swirl up memories of one's first childhood sip: enjoy Earl Grey hot,...
Decaf Earl Grey with Lavender Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
A wonderfully soothing bedtime loose tea Early 19th century England marks the origin of Earl Grey tea, a uniquely refreshing and aromatic tea created from the oil of bergamot infused in black tea. Bergamot has a pleasant citrus flavor derived from the bergamot tree yielding orange oils, both smoky and distinctive. Gifted to and named for the second Earl Grey of England in the early part of the century when he was serving as British Prime Minister, this tea was likely bequeathed as an act of diplomatic tribute. This unique and now renowned tea was enjoyed by the British upper-crust uniquely and exclusively. Many tales of its origin can be found, but one fact that remains indisputable is the unparalleled aroma and exotic, delicious pungency and vibrancy of this tea, fit only for those of the most distinctive, most refined and epicurean of taste buds. Add to this tea evocative...
Decaf English Breakfast Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 12.00
Just the right measure of astringency, not too brisk. Perfectly English. This firm blend of loose leaf tea has earned the right to its name. What else can you call the quietly noble mission of proving that a hearty black tea that is utterly without pretension or frills can be elevated to a place of favor? And not just favor, but a sense that the tea trade's finest effects were on bringing together a world of common ground based on this beloved herbal drink. IF YOU WANT A CAFFEINATED ENGLISH BREAKFAST CLICK HERE Based around a firm black tea, this naturally decaffeinated mix is, alongside Earl Grey, one of the widest professed favorites among world tea drinkers. Its clear, filling aroma crosses language, time, and spacial barriers to create a shared memory of clear, languid mornings spent chasing after family members' shoes and hoping for a chance to try someone's breakfast...
Decaf Hot Cinnamon Spice Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 12.00
One sip and you'll be a fervent convert. Warmth comes in a variety of shades and seasons, insinuating itself first in the intensely autumnal sight of this decaffeinated spiced black tea. One can't help but picture a fire when confronted with the site of ember-like citrus chips atop a crisp smolder of black tea. It's the perfect blend to let heat tease out the lung-opening flavors, letting the tang spark your palette while the generous cinnamon bark adds heat. All that's missing is a fireside chair and your favorite novel. This tea has depth, flavor and an aroma that adds edge to the idea of “cozy”, unable to be missed, even by the attentions of the most devoted coffee drinker. Hot cinnamon spice warms in stages, realizing that simple steam and weight do not a heated evening make. Rather it's the initial zest quickly peels back to allow for the clove-clouded black...
Decaf Mango Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Mango is the fruit of the gods.  Our Decaf Mango Black loose leaf tea is made with dried mango pieces and premium Ceylon black tea from the island nation of Sri Lanka. It is a delightful tea drinking experience, with a juicy texture and creamy-dry finish. Great mystic poets throughout the ages have sung its praises. Mughal emperor Akbar ordered the planting of one hundred thousand of its trees. In Hinduism, the perfectly ripe fruit is often held by Lord Ganesha as a symbol of the attainment of perfection. In many cultures it represents fertility, bliss, even immortality.  Not just any tea is worthy enough to marry into such a lineage. But we think this Ceylon black is up to the challenge. After all, it was grown not far from the rustling leaves of tall mango trees on the mango-native southeast Asian island of Sri Lanka. Our Decaf Mango Black blends the clean citrus taste of premium...
Decaf Orange Loose Leaf Black Tea
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Close your eyes and take in the aroma. Ahh. The leaves for this orange decaf black tea were grown in Sri lanka. It's a delicious pairing of Ceylon decaf and natural orange peels and juices. Let's get back to basics. It's the simplest things in life that give the most pleasure. That's why we love tea. The little rituals: setting the pot. Listening for the whistle. Sugar or honey? One spoon or two? Milk or cream? Tea gives us time back. Time to savor: friends and flavors. It reminds us to value the little joys: the swirl of milk in a hot cup.  And what could be more simply wonderful than the noise-flaring citrus aroma, the zesty taste of orange? Close your eyes, breath deep, and see where it takes you. Sunset over a California orange grove? A glass of Florida orange juice on the porch? Or how about just taking tea in the Orangerie? Whatever memories...
Decaf Peach Loose Leaf Black Tea
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One sip will win you over. Our Peach decaf black tea is a marriage of Ceylon black tea leaves from Sri Lanka, and ripe summer peaches. It's deliciously peachy sweet with a syrupy floral aroma and a 'peach fuzz' dry finish. Forbidden fruit? Maybe the collected works of western art had it all wrong with that ole red apple. After all, do we really believe Eve was able to turn Adam's head with that mundane orb? How about a fruit with some panache? Some sex appeal. Come on people; when things are going swell, life ain't no apple. It's a peach. In China the legend went that the Goddess of the West's heavenly garden of peach trees bloom and bear fruit once in every two thousand years. Whoever feasted on the fruit attained eternal life. Of course, in that story only eight were invited to the party. Though we say, what's...
Decaf Raspberry Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 10.00
Crazy delicious hot or iced. Grab yours now! This tea is a light, fruity and playful blend highlighting the natural raspberry flavor infused with dark Ceylon black tea. Decaffeinated in a natural process preserving the tea’s integrity and the leaf’s texture, this tea may be great for morning refreshment or a light, evening brew without the worry of the stimulant effects of caffeine. Since this is a black tea, not a herbal tea, the true tea taste is preserved but softened with the light taste and fruity almost jam-like flavor and aroma likened to a light summer’s breeze. Raspberries are known for their vitamins, nutrients and antioxidant effects, reducing inflammation and relieving pain associated with joint inflammation among other inflammatory conditions. Raspberries are also known to sooth the mucus linings in many of the body’s tissues and to work gently on the system. Black tea, also rich in antioxidants, is thought to have positive health...
Decaf Spice Black Loose Leaf BlackTea
$ 10.00
A deep blend of Masala Spices to perk you up. Years, miles, blood, and more have gone into the spice trade; one of modern history's most fascinating, long-borne, and travel-rich sagas. Directly tying culinary, political, military worlds and more, the spice trade is a tale based as much on exploration as on profit. From this history we earn the endless benefit of knowledge of far-flung places. Ceylon, or Sri Lanka, is one with a particular tie to simple, satisfying, hardy teas. Of black, white, and green, black is – as it is worldwide – the most prevalent ceylon tisanal. Here in our Decaf Black Spice tea we have a fine, complex example. It features ginger root, cinnamon bark, cloves, cardamom pods. The fragrance of this Decaf Black Spice tea has a character of its own, tantalizing before the first sip and begging the question: how could there possible be balance in a flavour collection with so many robust...
Delirium - Artisan Blooming Green Tea from China
$ 8.00
Find  a glass teapot made of pyrex or borosilicate with at least a 20 ounce capacity. (Here is a nice one the perfect tea pot for this tea.)  Heat your water to a temperature of 185 - look for the small bubbles begin to form in your kettle.  Boiling water is too hot. Carefully pour the hot water into the teapot and drop a blooming tea in. over the next several minutes watch the tea bloom right in front of your eyes.   Base leaf: Green tea. Health properties: Circulatory-positive, anti-oxidant properties. Flavor strength: Moderate, Primary collection is floral. Caffeine: Mild.
Dragonwell Long Jing - Organic Loose Green Tea
$ 14.00
A storied classic organic Chinese green tea. In China's Zhejiang Province, a rare tea is gathered near a lake, its origin shrouded in the kind of story that hoists a prized object even higher with a tale of its dangerous procurement. And what is this prize? A mist-yielded, hand-prepared idyllic specimen of green tea.  The final form of a ten-part preparation process, Dragonwell is a mild, refined, rain-borne tea.  Suitable for any season, this tea's tone is as direct as it look: a focus on a single pure quality: earthy green. Any quiet floral notes accompanying the flavor are purely coincidence. Or are they? Could there be something more to this tea? Perhaps its origin story will reveal... Some time around the 3rd century, AD, it is said, a drought brought a small farming village near Hangchow to its knees. With mist a constant companion, they still could not manage to coax rain for proper crop yields....
Earl Grey Supreme Loose Black Tea
$ 10.00
Keep lots of this Nobleman's tea on hand. You never know who might drop in. Imagine being a nobleman. Imagine living in the 1800's in England on a great sprawling manicured estate. On that estate, you tend to take your tea when the landscape is fresh and lush and the part of the day that is hectic is behind you or in front of you but is not now—No, now you are at peace. Now you retreat into all that is splendid. Ushering in the reflective, calm, you sit on your marble patio, drinking in both your dense, flavorful Earl Grey  tea as well as drinking in a breath of calm in your day.  Imagine being given your very own tea that is completely unique and tantalizingly refreshing. The second Earl Grey of England received an exquisite tea named in his honor in the early nineteenth century, thought to be a gift of diplomatic tribute....
Earl Grey with Lavender Loose Leaf Black Tea
$ 11.00
We started blending this tea in our shop, because so many people were requesting it.  It's a base of Earl Grey Supreme, mixed with some of our French lavender.  The two combined create a sophisticated European flavor, and a very relaxing aroma.  The bright purple lavender stands out well against the black tea both in color, and in its distinctive flavor.  The bergamot bridges the gap.  It's citrus flavor blends the lavender and black tea into a single experience.   Base leaf: Black tea. Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties, natural calming. Flavor strength: Moderate. Primary collection is lemony bergamot, relaxing Lavender over black tea. Caffeine: Moderate.