Teapots and Tea Sets

Teapots and Tea Sets





Electric Tea Kettle with variable temperature control
$ 70.00
The Best Tea Kettle Our stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle is the easiest way to heat water to the right temperature for perfect tea  Free Shipping for your entire order when your purchase this electric tea kettle. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TEA KETTLE AND A TEAPOT. READ THE BLOG ARTICLE.   Did you know making green or white tea requires a lower temperature than black tea?  If rapidly boiling water is used, these teas can be bitter and quite disappointing. Our tea kettle offers 5 temperature settings to accommodate various teas.  Selecting the correct temperature is easy.  (See the product image.) How many of us have over filled a stove top kettle so we don't burn the kettle if we get distracted?   With our electric kettle you don't have to add more water than needed because the kettle stops heating at the desired temperature. Because less water is used, the...
Round Ceramic Teapot with Loose Tea Infuser
$ 36.00
. Beauty and function meet for tea. (Free shipping available on orders over $45 after discounts, so add some tea !!) A teapot that is as functional as it is beautiful. Lets face it. Some teapots are just plain ugly or just silly. But not this one. The elegant shape echoes the classic aesthetics of Chinese tea pots yet with a thoroughly modern design. The handle gracefully compliments the curvaceous shape and is comfortable and secure when pouring. This beauty holds 24 ounces of tea and has a very large deep rigid stainless steel infuser that sits deep in the teapot.  The over sized infuser allows maximum contact with hot water without crowding your precious tea leaves together and yields a great pot of tea every time. How its done. This teapot has 3 parts - lid, infuser and pot. Gently remove the lid by turning it on its side, This exposes...
18 Ounce Stump Ceramic Teapot with Infuser
$ 34.00
. A stylish, modern, 18 ounce ceramic teapot with infuser basket. This beautiful, Stump teapot is available in 11 bright colors and will fit perfectly in any home.  Also available are matching Japanese style tea cups and small dishes.  Freshly Brewed Tea in Five Minutes or Less Simply put your loose tea into the tea infuser basket and add hot water into the teapot.  The tea infuser strains the tea as you steep your loose tea leaves.  The removable stainless-steel tea infuser is deep and roomy enough for large leaf teas like Oolong with holes fine enough to keep the finest leaves like Rooibos in. The infuser has a plastic handle for easy removal even when the teapot is hot. The infuser is made from high quality stainless steel.  Because it is not mesh the infuser will not develop holes or become misshapen. The micro holes are created using laser technology. This...
Classic Design 28 Ounce Glass Tea Pot
$ 32.00
Loose Tea Made Easy This Pyrex (borosilicate) teapot can brew up 3 - 4 cups of loose leaf tea or tea bag teas.  The glass construction allows you keep an eye on your tea while it steeps.  This is especially useful for green teas which if oversteeped and can get bitter. This large capacity teapot is a perfect centerpiece for your next tea party. The glass will show off the pretty colors for our herbal and fruit teas which brew up in a wonderful variety of colors.  This teapot works nicely with blooming teas. We recommend this teapot because of its large capacity which allows for a wonderful presentation of these spectacular teas. Over 7 minutes, you can watch the blooming of the tea which slowly reveals the bright centerpeice flower. Click here to see our blooming tea. How to use this teapot Place the glass infuser in the teapot.  ...
Japanese Cast Iron Teapot Set with matching tea cups and trivet
$ 90.00
. Forged in coal furnaces, these cast iron=Tetsu,  Pots=Bin (tetsubin)  are centuries old designs from Japan where tea is the national drink.  These hand forged teapots are inspired by the ancient tetsubins which were common in every traditional Japanese household. These teapots and matching teacups are  beautifully finished inside and out. The enameled inside delivers clean crisp steep. The rubbed finish allows the cast iron finish to peek through creating a perfect offset to the smooth enamel. Two matching cups and trivet complete this tea set. Available in 3 styles. Green Dragonfly, Red Kanji Characters, Blue hobnail pattern. Includes a removable stainless steel infusing basket. (not shown) Not recommended for stove top use. Teapot holds 25 ounces
Japanese Style Cast Iron Teapot Hobnail 20 oz - 3 colors
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Improve your tea drinking experience with this authentic Japanese style cast iron tea pot and impress your fellow tea lovers. You'll love the removable infuser basket for controlled steeping times as well as the dense cast iron construction which will keep your tea hot longer than a ceramic or glass tea pot. So go ahead and enjoy several un-hurried hot cups of tea. We suggest the matching tea cups for a totally authentic and relaxing experience.  20 ounces of tea will be enough for you and your guests. This elegant tea pot is durable tea pot is tough enough for every day usage.  So go ahead and use it everyday for your special me-tea-time. This cast iron tea was hand made with molten steel which was carefully poured into molds with a traditional Japanese hobnail pattern, This centuries old technology makes these tea pots authentic. The exterior is finished in a fine patina which...