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Amber Sugar Crystals - Unrefined Sugar - extra
$ 4.50
Sugar in raw form. Pebble sized. Melts slowly. Slightly caramel flavor.  Packed in zip lock pouches for freshness. Sealed to keep the pouch closed tight. Great replacement for the Teavana sugar crystals.  
Ceramic Tea Dish
$ 4.50
. A Dish For Your Infuser. These dishes come in all the shades of color as the teapots like this one and this one.  It's the perfect place to set the dripping infuser basket as it comes out of your tea pot. It's a great way to keep things neat. Other uses include a tea spoon rest, a dish for cubes of sugar, a saucer to protect a table top from a hot mug or God forbid, a tea bag, GASP. (LOL) Product Dimension:L 4.25" x W 3.25” x H 0.75" DISH : Lead-free High-fired Ceramic Dishwasher-safe  Microwavable  Lead Free Glaze Made in China
Electric Tea Kettle with variable temperature control
$ 70.00
The Best Tea Kettle Our stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle is the easiest way to heat water to the right temperature for perfect tea  Free Shipping for your entire order when your purchase this electric tea kettle. LEARN THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A TEA KETTLE AND A TEAPOT. READ THE BLOG ARTICLE.   Did you know making green or white tea requires a lower temperature than black tea?  If rapidly boiling water is used, these teas can be bitter and quite disappointing. Our tea kettle offers 5 temperature settings to accommodate various teas.  Selecting the correct temperature is easy.  (See the product image.) How many of us have over filled a stove top kettle so we don't burn the kettle if we get distracted?   With our electric kettle you don't have to add more water than needed because the kettle stops heating at the desired temperature. Because less water is used, the...
Large Stainless Steel Loose Tea Infuser (Strainer) with Lid - new in white!
$ 23.00
You need this because its a great replacement for a tea ball.  Use this and skip the teapot. It's a perfect way to make one cup of tea. Simplify your making tea and grab one of these super easy loose leaf tea infusers. The Tea Infuser Wide and deep design - Fits larger cups up to 20 ounces.  Can handle more tea leaves than tea balls and smaller infusers. Allows maximum infusion space for a complete steeping of your premium tea leaves Micro perforated infuser - Makes a clear cup of tea by keeping small particles inside the infuser. Food Grade Stainless Steel - Will not rust or bend and distort like inferior tea balls and mesh infusers. Dishwasher safe.  The Clever Multi-Purpose Lid Cool to the touch lid features insulating silicone that keeps your tea hot while it steeps. Prevents spills while moving from kitchen. Lid becomes a coaster...
Long Handled Infuser
$ 17.00
A Versitile Infuser for Loose Leaf Teas. Use this tea infuser in any teacup to brew your loose tea.  The micro perforated stainless steel basket is large enough for large leaf teas like green tea  and fine enough to hold the finest tea leaves like Rooibos.  The large basket allows the hot water to thoroughly infuse the tea leaves. The micro perforated holes keeps the tea in and brews the clearest cup of tea even for chais. With the long handle, simply hang the tea infuser inside your cup, add your loose leaf tea and steep.  After steeping, rest the tea infuser on the ceramic dish to keep things tidy. No drips, how neat! Get Rid of Your Tea Ball This is a great replacement to a tea strainer, tea ball, tea ball spoon or pincer spoon. Some tools have outlived their usefullness and these are old technoligy.  Ease and convenience...
Matcha Measuring Spoon
$ 5.50
Stainless Steel Half Teaspoon Measure your Matcha accurately so you get consistent results in your cup. This is a half teaspoon. Perfect for precisely measuring your Matcha. 1/2 teaspoon is perfect for 8 ounces of liquids like hot water, smoothies, etc. Check out our Matcha and Matcha bowls Household spoons will not measure consistent quantities and using them may make some cups of Matcha stronger or weaker.  Why take a chance? With this spoon you will measure the same amount for the perfect cup every time. Order now. $4.99. Free shipping available.
Matcha Whisk
$ 15.00
Traditional bamboo whisk for making matcha by hand. We sell Matcha  both culinary and ceremonial grades. We also sell matcha bowl and matcha sets
Matcha Frother
$ 19.00
Fast, Easy With Expert Results Making Matcha is real simple with this battery powered frother.  No more sifting and stirring. The high speed whisk generates a nice foamy head and mixes your Matcha thoroughly. Works well for either hot and cold drinks.  Light enough to operate with one hand. Long whisk allows consistent mixing action in even the deepest of cups.  Easy to clean.  We include the 2 AA batteries. Easy Recipe for Cold Matcha Latte We suggest soy milk and matcha. Try 1 teaspoon for 8 ounces of soy milk.  Measure and add the Matcha on top of the soy milk.  Insert the Matcha Frother into the soy milk and then turn on by pushing the middle button.  After the Match is mixed lift the wisker toward the top of the soy milk and keep it there for 15 - 20 seconds to create a foamy head.  Turn off...
Measuring Spoon
$ 5.50
One Teaspoon Measuring Spoon for Loose Tea Great for consistent measuring of loose tea. By using this teaspoon you will measure out a perfect portion of tea for each cup (8 ounces) of hot water. No more guessing the amount of tea. Every household spoon is different and will give you a different amount of tea.  Use this dedicated measuring spoon for accurate tea portions.
Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Teas 100 and 20 Count
$ 3.25
Empty Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Teas - A Great Way Alternative Way to Make Tea. This empty teabag is designed to hold 2-3 teaspoons of your best loose leaf tea - enough for a 16-18 ounce tea cup. It's tough enough for multiple steeps.  Made in Canada from sustainable forest products. The unbleached paper tea bags for loose leaf tea is bio-degradable and is environmentally friendly - a perfect way to make your organic tea. This empty tea bag is spacious allowing your loose leaf tea a thorough steep. The paper filter traps the finest tea particles to make a clear, sediment-free cup of tea. This is a great alternative to a loose tea infuser. It's super convenient and avoids dealing with used tea leaves since the bags are disposable.  Great for use at the office or home when you need a quick cup.  Pro Tip. Pre-pack of few empty tea bags...