Electric Tea Kettle with variable temperature control

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Our stainless Steel Electric Tea Kettle is the easiest way to heat water to the right temperature for perfect tea 

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Did you know making green or white tea requires a lower temperature than black tea?  If rapidly boiling water is used, these teas can be bitter and quite disappointing. Our tea kettle offers 5 temperature settings to accommodate various teas.  Selecting the correct temperature is easy.  (See the product image.)
How many of us have over filled a stove top kettle so we don't burn the kettle if we get distracted?   With our electric kettle you don't have to add more water than needed because the kettle stops heating at the desired temperature. Because less water is used, the heating cycle is shorter saving time and using less energy.

Has a whistling kettle made you dash back to the stove?  With the convenient auto shut-off feature, there is no more dashing back to the stove to turn off the kettle.  Best of all, our electric kettle maintains temperature until you're ready to pour.
Our kettle sits on the power base which plugs into an electric wall outlet.  Because it is not tethered to the base it can be taken to your tea table.   Set it next to your tea pot;  it will make an exceptionally attractive addition to your tea table. 

Electric Tea Kettle Features

  • 1.7L. Capacity. 110/120V, 1500-watt.
  • 85-percent more efficient than stovetop kettle. 
  • Auto shut off for boil dry protection. 
  • 6 temperature options for various tea steeping temperatures.
  • Keep-Warm function maintains temperature for up to 2 hours. (for 212F only)
  • Concealed stainless steel heating element.
  • Clear, easy to read water level gauge..
  • Comfortable stay-cool handle.
  • Non-slip 360-degree rotary power base.
  • Attractive stainless steel electric tea kettle that is easy to fill and serve

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great Kettle

I bought this for work, and I like it. We have a hot water dispenser, but the water really isn't hot enough, and I didn't want to microwave water. This kettle does the job. I've even used it with a french press, and the temperature was perfect. Easy to use and clean, though the top opening is a little narrow. (I like to dry as much of it as I can after using each day.) The cord is a bit short, but I had an extension cord on hand. I'm happy with it.

The kettle you purchased is fairly new to us so we truly appreciate hearing your thoughts about it! Thank you.

Got this for my boyfriend, the best feature for him is the ability to keep the water warm for up to 2 hours. The only downside was the beeping that reminds you that the kettle is on. It beeps every once in a while and isn't annoying (to me) because it's a safety thing but he took the speaker out and is completely happy! The different colors for different temp settings is great!

Thanks for your interesting feedback. I believe that the beep feature on some of the models has been removed. Glad you are happy with your kettle.

Electric Tea Kettle with variable temperature control

So glad you're happy with the kettle. Keeping tea warm is key to a great tea experience. Enjoy!

This tea kettle is great. The keep warm feature is great for mornings and afternoons where I'm planning more than a single serve. The heat is consistent and correct to the type of tea on hand with the different temp settings. Love it.

Hi Kate. Thanks for the review. Lots of tea drinkers are discovering that tea needs different temps and this tea kettle is a safe and easy way to make great tea water.