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Loose Leaf Tea Infusers

If you drink loose leaf teas, you need a loose leaf tea infuser. Check out our selection.

An easy way to brew loose leaf tea is to use an infuser which is a piece of tea ware which holds the tea in your tea cup or teapot. A superior loose leaf tea infuser will hold the finest tea leaves and will make a clear cup of tea. The infuser basically acts like a teabag and holds your tea and when removed takes the loose leaf tea out of your cup leaving you a lovely cup of delicious tea.

Loose leaf tea needs to brew in a cup or teapot.  Brewing time can last from half a minute to 5 or 7 minutes for herbal teas.  The ability to remove your loose leaf teas, is important to keep your tea from over steeping.  Over steeping your tea brings out an undesirable bitter taste, so easy quick removal of the steeping loose tea leaves is important.  

Our tea infusers serve different quantities and different tea ware.  For making the largest quantity of tea, our 68 ounce tea pot is best.  If you want the same capacity but not require the tea pot, use the capsule infuser with chain.  The chain allows you to retrieve the infuser from the brewing vessel.  This is useful for large mason jars and the like.

For precision tea making in tea pots we offer, 2 styles of teapots.  One style holds 18 ounces and the larger one holds 24 ounces.  Both have easy to remove tea infusers.

The 3 piece in cup infuser is a great system to make a single cup.  If you do not cup the large handle infuser with lid or the infuser with the long handle will do the same thing. The long handled infuser is recommended for tea cups that are 10 ounces and less due to the smaller size of the infuser basket.

All the above mentioned infusers are made from heavy gauge food grade stainless steel, so they will provide years of service and will not rust like some lesser quality infusers.

For tea on the go, we offer a tumbler with a built in infuser.  This simple to use tumbler fits tightly at the top of the tumbler and brews a nice clear cup of tea which stays warm for up to 3 hours.  Its perfect for the car commuter.

If you like the convenience of tea bags but prefer your own loose leaf teas, we offer the DIY empty tea bags.  Simply spoon some loose tea into the empty bag and steep it.  A perfect cup your way.

Check out the video to learn how to use a loose leaf tea infuser with cup. 

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