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Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Teas 100 and 20 Count

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Empty Tea Bags for Loose Leaf Teas - A Great Way Alternative Way to Make Tea.

This empty teabag is designed to hold 2-3 teaspoons of your best loose leaf tea - enough for a 16-18 ounce tea cup.

It's tough enough for multiple steeps.  Made in Canada from sustainable forest products. The unbleached paper tea bags for loose leaf tea is bio-degradable and is environmentally friendly - a perfect way to make your organic tea.

This empty tea bag is spacious allowing your loose leaf tea a thorough steep. The paper filter traps the finest tea particles to make a clear, sediment-free cup of tea. This is a great alternative to a loose tea infuser. It's super convenient and avoids dealing with used tea leaves since the bags are disposable.  Great for use at the office or home when you need a quick cup. 

Pro Tip. Pre-pack of few empty tea bags with your favorite tea and tuck them into a zip lock bag. Keep your favorite tea in your desk or purse and enjoy it at work, on vacation or on the go.

100 empty tea bags per box. Buy loose tea separately.  Works with all teas including our various organic teas, Rooibos, Tisanes and Herbal Teas.  

How To Use

Simply measure out your loose tea leaves into the pleated empty tea bag using a tea spoon. Fill your tea cup with water and place the tea bag into your tea cup.  Fold the bag over the top of your tea cup and steep. Keep the top of the bag out of your tea for easy removal. The tea bag is rigid and will stay upright and and will not crumple into your cup.  Use caution when removing the teabag from your cup the teabag. It may be very hot.

Read why pyramid tea bags are not good for the environment and why our empty tea bags are better

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Karen Borsos Debs (Milford, US)
tea bags for the loose tea

We were on vacation at a VRBO and did not bring out tea infuser. Did not want to purchase a new one, so Susan showed us the "roll up " tea bags and demonstrated how to use them. They worked great and we were able to sip out tea immediately on vacation. Great purchase and great store.

The 'tea brew' DIY unbleached tea bags are lifesavers. I think I mentioned I keep some 'preloaded' in my purse, my glove compartment in my car and in my suitcase. You never know when good tea might not be available so carry it with you! I'm so glad thebags worked for you!

Carol Williams (Boardman, US)

Love the products and sharing them with friends and have positive feedback

Thanks for your review, Carol. We always appreciate customers like you who let others know of our products.

Que Evans (Portland, US)

This has become one of my favorite teas!