Loose-Leaf Flavored Black Teas

We offer a large collection of premium flavored loose-leaf teas from the best gardens and estates from all over the world. We carefully curate our black teas to provide you a wide variety of flavor—from classics like Hot Cinnamon Spice to the tasty Chinese Lapsang Souchong with its smoky flavor. 

Our Popular Flavored Black Teas 

Other popular teas include Ice Wine, Organic Maple, and Scottish Caramel Pu'erh. All our teas have a rich, robust taste and intense color. Our black teas are infused with flavor from fruits, spices, herbs, and even caramel to create delicious flavored loose-leaf teas. Some flavors are assertive, and some are more subtle and complex. Our Paris blend is a good example. It has several different aromas or taste profiles. 

Equally popular are our Chocolate Mint, Organic Maple, Cream of Earl Grey, and our totally organic Heaven Sent Chai. Our Chocolate Mint tastes like a Girl Scout cookie and the ice cream of the same name.  Our organic Maple adds a sweet aroma and balances out the full-bodied flavor base. The Cream of Earl Grey adds a spin on the classic Earl Grey with the addition of creamy vanilla.  Heaven Sent Chai with its totally organic blend of Masala spices is a year-round favorite and is regularly enjoyed with a heaping spoonful of sugar and heated milk—just like it is prepared in its native India. 

Why our loose leaf flavored black teas are better 

Not all loose teas are created equal.  At the bottom of the ladder are bagged teas, which are made to do two things: create color and do it as quickly as possible. These are reserved for iced teas, which use lots of sugar to mask its lack of flavor. In the very old days, baggies were created from sweeping up the fannings, or dust, created by the processing of loose-leaf teas.  

A good analogy between bagged and premium loose-leaf is similar to the difference between instant coffee and fresh store roasted coffee. There is no comparison between the two. Does anyone even drink instant coffee these days? So why would you want to drink bagged tea? 

Although some bagged teas are better than others, loose leaf is considered to be the best. Even with loose leaf, not all are premium teas.  We carefully choose the finest available flavored black teas, so you can shop with confidence that you will be getting premium flavor in your cup every time.