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Online and in our store, Good Life Tea sells organic teas that are grown with great care and processed carefully to create the highest quality loose leaf teas. Our organic teas are fully verified by independent labs which continuously monitor the loose leaf teas to assure you that they meet the exacting USDA Organic Standards for synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

We offer organic choices in all of our loose leaf tea collections - green, black, white, oolong, herbal, fruit and rooibos teas.

What makes organic teas a great choice?

Organic teas cost more for online customers for a number of reasons. The main reason being that natural fertilizers are more expensive to purchase and to apply. While synthetic fertilizers can improve the growth of the plants, synthetic fertilizers often leach into streams and ponds polluting the drinking water. Organic teas grown with natural fertilizers like compost, add a more complex variety of nutrients and microbes to enrich the soil. Teas grown under these green programs are grown in harmony with nature for a more sustainable eco-system and planet. Some organic tea growers and tea buyers say that natural fertilizers yield better tasting teas.  We think you will agree.

Organic Teas are super heathy

Organically grown teas must adhere to stringent standards in the use of pesticides. Only natural pesticides are allowed to be used in limited amounts. Natural pesticides are also more expensive to purchase and must be applied more often as they are not as potent. Many organic farmers are also exploring ways to reduce the use of natural pesticides by growing insect repelling plants alongside the plants. Taking away growing acreage also diminishes the teas' yield and therefore making organically grown teas more expensive but it increases the biodivesity of the plantation.

Organic Teas reflect your values

All these green practices reflect the responsible stewardship of the land - a important point we're sure that you'll appreciate fully. Purchasing organic loose teas helps growers live in a less toxic environment and which keeps them healthier. The same will apply to you. Organic loose leaf teas are safe to drink and also taste better.

We encourage you to try our large selection of organic teas. You will not only be doing yourself a healthy favor but will enjoy better flavors but will help farmers and the environment as well. Invest in our planet by choosing organic loose teas

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