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White Teas

White Teas

All Tea comes from one plant and one style of preparation most often characterizes teas as White Tea.  This style of preparation is simple. The tea leaves are simply dried and without the complicated processes involved with other styles of teas. In Chinese this group of tea is called Bai Mudan or White Peony.  The tea looks very fluffy and may have some buds in the mix.  Our flavored white teas are all White Peony based teas. We offer Peach, Blueberry Cucumber, Tropics and Tangerine. Because the flavor of the underlying tea is delicate and soft, the fruit flavors are distinct.

Silver Needles White Tea

Another prevalent character of White Tea is the use of the immature leaves or buds of the plant which has a white or silver color.  A tea plant's leaves can be harvested several times a season but the delicate, unfurled buds from the first growth in the spring are the most treasured for their potency in all nutritional and healthy goodness.  We offer Silver Needles organic White Tea as our first harvest white tea.  Silver Needle white tea has the hallmark characteristics of the slender buds which are covered in a downy like fuzz.  

A common misconception about white tea is that it is low in caffeine. The exact opposite is true. As the tea plant awakens from its winter slumber, it tends to vigorously pull nutrients of all kinds from the ground and the result in a tea with higher amounts of caffeine and anti-oxidants. 

The flavor of Silver Needles can be described a being much softer and delicate than than of other teas like greens or blacks.  A good wine analogy would be to characterize white teas as light white wine like Pinot Grigio and black tea like a robust red Burgundy. The brewed tea is tends toward clear or yellow to light green.

The white teas we offer are all from the Fujian Provence of China the birth place of this highly sought after tea.  White teas are also produced in other areas of the world, but the best and original white tea is from this remote area of China.