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White Tangerine - Loose Leaf White Tea

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A Tale of Two Citruses

Embark on a flavorful journey that transcends borders with our Tangerine and Mandarin White Tea. Two iconic citrus fruits, one originating from the vibrant landscapes of Tangiers, Morocco, and the other from the rich terrains of China, come together in this mesmerizing blend. Tangerine, with its exotic appeal, partners harmoniously with the familiar notes of Mandarin, offering a tantalizing twist to your tea time.

A Sensory Elixir: The Tangerine Experience

The boldness of Tangerine, derived from the complete fruit, including its aromatic rind, takes center stage. Without the usual sharpness of citrus, this tea invites you to a unique sensory escapade. Close your eyes, let the warm cup comfort your palms, and allow the steamy fragrance to whisk you away into a tranquil daydream. This is not just a beverage, but a ritual—a pause in your day to breathe, to reflect, and to rejuvenate.

The Dreamer's White Tea

Infused with Bai Mu Dan, a premium white tea base, our Tangerine and Mandarin blend not only promises a captivating flavor but also offers the benefits of antioxidants. Whether you're looking to escape the day's stresses or simply enjoy an enchanting brew, this tea beckons you to drift into your very own dreamworld.


Source: China

Ingredients: White Tea, Orange, and Natural Mandarin Flavor

Steeping Information: 2 TSP/Cup; Steep at 180° for 3 minutes

Caffeine Content: Low


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Timothy Regan (Rutherford, US)
Dream Big

This white tangerine is totally something to dream about. What a great Christmas Eve treat for Santa.

We're sure Santa enjoyed his visit to your home! White Tangerine is such a flavorful tea. Thanks for letting us in on your dream! ~Susan

Karen Glass (Farmington, US)
White Tea...

I'm still searching for great White Tea....
In great rich deep flavors...

White tea is not known for 'deep rich flavors' but rather its subtly. This is just a suggestion but perhaps you would rather be drinking a black tea.

Miranda Merris
Wonderful White

This is a lite white tea with a subtle, fruity aftertaste. The flavors are perfectly blended: neither tea nor tangerine is overpowering. Perfect as an after dinner tea to sweeten the palate.

Miranda. Thanks for the review. Its a more subtle citrus flavor than some of our more citrus teas. I agree that it balances nicely with the underlying the White Peony tea.