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Most-Loved Teas

Good Life Tea's most popular, best selling loose leaf teas.

This collection of teas include premium Green teas like Kyoto Cherry Rose and Citron Green, black teas like Hot Cinnamon Spice and Heaven Sent Chai.  Both of these have a strong flavor.  Hot Cinnamon Spice is our most popular flavored black loose tea. Ground cloves makes this brisk tea naturally sweet with no calories or artificial sweeteners. Its been described as Christmas in a cup perhaps because of the cinnamon or perhaps for generosity in flavor it gives.

Heaven Sent Chai is a medley of masala spices which produces a rich flavor but not too peppery like some Chais do.  It has a warmth that is hard to describe in words.  But if I may, its like a warm blanket or coat that you trust will do the trick.  Drink it with lots of milk and a touch of sugar and you'll swear its better than anything you can get at a coffee shop or for that matter, even in India.

Cream of Earl Grey  is the another black tea favored by so many tea drinkers. The addition of vaniilla in the Cream of Earl Grey tames the bracing Bergamot to create a flavor that is reminiscent of a orange creamsicle you probably enjoyed as a kid. For many of our customers this is their go-to tea for every breakfast.

Our two best selling Green Teas are  Kyoto Cherry Rose and Citron Green.  Because loose leaf green teas have so many proven health benefits its no surprise that these teas are so popular  Kyoto Cherry Rose is an  organic teas which no doubt adds to its high appeal to our discerning customers. With its delicate cherry flavor and wispy rose finish its a tea even novice tea drinkers love at first sip.

Rounding out the popularity contest are 3 Fruit Teas also called Tisanes.  These pure fruit and herbal "teas" are naturally caffeine free.  With the rich aroma of the underlying fruit like mango, apple, pineapple, strawberry, these teas are especially popular with kids. In the winter they are enjoyed hot and in the summer as a refreshing sugar free iced tea. Parents love the fact kids will prefer it over the ubiquitous sugary drinks.  Because these are sugar free these teas are really healthy drinks.  Our top rated Tisanes or Fruit teas include Last Mango In Paris, Angel Falls Mist and Pina Colada

Last Mango In Paris a name either borrowed from the movie or the Jimmy Buffet song evokes strong imagery in one's mind.  One sip and you will not hesitate on your decision. Either its lovely and complex as the 1970s movie or its a tropical carefree lifestyle the Jimmy Buffet sings about.  Try it yourself and decide.

Angel Falls Mist is explosion of flavor that can be likened to the water misting after it cascades down a waterfall. In this case the tallest water fall in the world - Angel Falls. Its totally delicious with strawberry notes and is totally thirst quenching.

Pina Colada is, well, just like its name implies, but without the alcohol. For those not acquainted, with this tropical fave, its a simple recipe of coconut and pineapple. Its a classic and summer would not be complete without one.  Try our healthier version you can drink every day with no alcohol side effects. LOL

If you can't decide which tea to try, order our $7 sampler. Its perfect if your starting with loose tea. The variety of tea presented will shock you and change your view point on what tea is.  Its certainly not your grandmother's stodgy drink.

Read this quick primer on the various types of teas. 

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