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Delicious Iced Teas

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Loose Leaf Iced Tea is not just a summer drink any more.  

As Americans become more health conscious, they are increasingly turning to iced teas made from loose leaf teas, herbs and fruit.  Traditionally, iced tea is heavily sweetened, but because our teas are delicious premium teas, there is no need for added sugar.

Our selection of iced teas offer a wide range from traditional black teas like Blue Sapphire, a mild Kenyan Blend with just enough briskness to quench your thirst.  If you're palate runs a little sweet, just a teaspoon or two of sugar and you will have sweet tea that is balanced rather than a syrupy sweet like the kind you get from a jar mix.

A small twist on the classic black iced teas, would include the Black Currant and our decaf Blacks.  These are your classic black teas, decaffeinated, with an infusion of fruit flavor that creates a pleasant surprise. These loose teas are carefully flavored to so as to balance the fruit against the briskness of the black tea to create a cup that your'll remember and want more of. Certain fruit just go great with black tea and we picked out the best flavors blends for you.  Being decaf, these iced tea blends will not decaffeinate you up.  So you can enjoy many cups to beat the summer heat.

If you're looking for something totally different, try our fruit teas.  These loose tea blends are made by blending various dried fruits and herbs.  These all natural blends bring a very fruity flavor that you would associate with fruit juice.  But truth be told, our fruit iced teas have no calories, since there is no sugar added and dried fruit brings the intense flavors of the character to the fore, much like essential oils do.  

Loose Leaf Green Teas Make Great Iced Teas

Believe it or not, green teas are quite popular iced today.  When I was growing up in Japan, iced green tea would have been considered uncouth.  But Americans are not about breaking rules and we like things cold.  And green tea was re-invented by Americans to be an iced tea.  Now green tea iced tea is actually being enjoyed in Japan.

My Japanese mom still will have nothing to do with iced green tea.  But I like it. We picked out our best loose green teas that work best iced.  We included Kyoto Cherry Rose and Citron Green.  Both are flavored so even the uninitiated to green tea, would be pleasantly surprised at what green tea can be. Give our east meets west green teas a try.

Our wide variety of Fruit Tisanes include our year-round favorites like Angel Falls Mist with it delightful strawberry notes or best seller - Last Mango In Paris with its intense mango flavor. Not to be forgotten is Pina Colada which tastes just like its name suggests.  Once you taste these fruit teas, you will never go back to the instant mixes from the jar.  Also you will notice that you will get a brighter fruit flavor than the so-called fruit teas you can get in the ready to drink bottles.  We dare you to look up the sugar content in these drinks. There is nothing nutritious about those, you might as well be drinking soda with all the empty calories.  If you like your fruit teas sweeter you can add a wee bit of sugar. Since you're adding sugar, you retain control.

These loose fruit teas are so easy to prepare using the same methods you would for traditional brewed iced teas. We sell our specialty Iced Tea Pitchers which make it so simple to keep loads of iced tea on hand in the frig.  Try our 50 Ounce Pitcher with the pour through strainer lid or our larger 68 Ounce Iced Tea Pitcher with a large removable infuser basket.

By the way we used the word Tisane earlier.  Tisane means infusion which in turn means steeping or brewing.  Since technically and scientifically, tea is a specific plant, we really son't like to call our fruit ones - teas.  Tisane is actually a French word and it explains the process rather than the ingredients which are fruit and herbs.

Whatever you want to call these delicious fruit drinks, Tisane or Fruit Tea, we don't mind. We're just happy that you're enjoying them.

 And remember that iced tea is not just a summer thing anymore. It's a year round healthy alternative to all the sugary and unhealthy drinks that abound.  Serve up easy to make loose leaf iced teas. 

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