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Kyoto Cherry Rose - Organic Loose Leaf Green Tea

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An organic green tea everyone will enjoy.

Kyoto Cherry Rose is an organic loose leaf green tea that's fresh and smooth with excellent depth and body. The natural cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints do not overpower, but quietly suggest the exotic nature of this loose tea; not to mention speak to just how far its traveled to make it to your cup.

Mild yet flavorful, our Kyoto Cherry Rose Blossom is an excellent green tea for those who find green teas to be too grassy, vegetal or just "too green." The delicate cherry and rose aromas moderate the green characteristics providing a surprisingly pleasant tea sure to turn eyes from even the most devoted coffee drinker.

The best way to drink a high quality organic green tea: take a sip. Understanding the origin and source of the flavor that engulfs you is the second step. Then you let the flavor collection smooth out to a finish; lingering as aroma. For these and other reasons, we're proud to present this China-sourced green Sencha blend.

Perfect for an after dinner palate cleanse.

Every top tier tea has a time and place, and Kyoto Cherry Rose is no different. Serve it as an after dinner tea. This tea has a way of freshening your palate so you can enjoy your desert as it was meant to taste. When we say that this green tea is a pleaser for just about anyone, we mean it. Prepare to see friends converted to the green way.

Sencha style Chinese loose leaf tea with rose petals. Beautiful to look at with light pink rose petals floating among the green leaves.

Enjoyed cold as well. High in antioxidants. Order our wildly popular and repurchase often Organic Kyoto Cherry Rose Green Tea.

Kyoto Cherry Rose - Green Tea Review

  • Base leaf: Organic Green Tea - Sencha style 
  • Health properties: Calming properties, strong antioxidant qualities.
  • Flavor strength: Mild, sweet. Primary collection is sencha tamed by sweet cherry with a mild rose finish.
  • Caffeine: Mild.

The perfect loose leaf organic green tea for any tea drinker.

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Timothy Regan (Rutherford, US)

Such a sweet different taste to this Kyoto Cherry Rose. The smells while pouring the water are almost as good as the taste!

You selected a great tea! Kyoto Cherry Rose has been a favorite here at at Good Life Tea since we opened our doors ten years ago. May you continue to enjoy it for a long time to come!


We love Good Life Tea! The company and their products are wonderful. Before diving into their teas, I have to mention how nice it is to have hand packed and shipped orders complete with little notes of kindness. The selection process, blends, procurement, and whatever special magic used to create the tea is sublime. We are fans! This tea is no exception. Highly recommended.

Lambert (Woodstock, US)
Mild and Sweet

I love this green tea because of the mild and sweet flavor. I am sensitive to caffeine. I can drink more than 1 cup of this tea without getting the jitters. It has a light sweet flavor that does not overwhelm your taste buds and allows the green tea to come through as well. I was able to stop drinking coffee immediately and replace it with this tea. It is now my go-to daily morning caffeine!

Thanks for your insightful review. So many people who experience the caffeine jitters of coffee are turning to tea. Tea has a different kind of caffeine that allows a person to focus rather than shake. Cheers!