Angel Falls Mist - Loose Fruit Tea



Engulf yourself in the mist of a strawberry waterfall. Totally intoxicating and so very refreshing.

Rising from an internationally sourced collection; the extraordinary blend of flavors in our Angel Falls Mist  loose leaf fruit tea is not for the faint of flavor. Rather, it will delight even the most dubious lover of rich flavor collections. Think you're the man who's tried it all? The woman who's love of tapestric fruity profiles could never be satisfied? The connoisseur who knows just what the day has in store when he's confronted with a tea with more than six point sources of flavor in its collection? Think again. Angel Falls Mist describes such complexity in an herbal tisane, you'll hardly be done with your first hot cup before you're ready to ice a batch.

That's how versatile this blend is. Iced, hot: it's ready to surprise you. Can you imagine the accent that this tea would have if it could speak? Hailing from Canada, the U.S., Thailand, and Spain; its ingredients bring variety to a cohesive point: it's a fruity, reflective collection.Let's talk about that flavor. It begins with apple and orange pieces; bringing us to a childhood-garden opening, one where simple herbal fruitedness prepares the drinker for an adventurous peak over the hedgerow. And what's waiting there? Hibiscus, Rosehip, and Calendula. It seems that a Mediterranean breeze is lapping the coast today. Or maybe it's the portside market whose gentle, exotic herbs and fruits are now a part of your Angel Falls Mist herbal fruit experience?


Base leaf: Herbal/Fruit
Health properties: Vitamin C qualities known.
Flavor strength: Full, notable. Primary collection is fruity via apple hibiscus and rosehip.
Caffeine: None.
Angel Falls is the longest waterfall in the world at 2,648 ft.  Located in Venezuela, It is an important tourist destination, but is very hard to reach. Exotic and alluring just like this fruit tisane.

Customer Reviews

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So good!
Isn't it great when you find a tea that tastes so perfect that you don't need sugar? We have lots of fruit teas that do just that and you found a great one in Angel Falls Mist.
angel falls mist- loose fruit tea
Thanks for the positive review, Paul. Angel Falls Mist is a crowd favorite!
Iced Angel Falls Mist - Yum!
Truly, Angel Falls is an extraordinary fruit tea! Did you know it was named after Angel Falls in Venezuela that is the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall? It tastes as wonderful as the falls looks.