Teas for Back to School!

Teas for Back to School!

Hello friends! Is it just me or does anyone else feel like, "How in the world are we already into the beginning of August?!" This summer seems to be flying by! I'm not sure why, but I feel like we are just around the corner from being back to school! Heck, some are already back to school! 

Speaking of school coming back up, let's talk about some teas for your back to school transition! 

What are some things that you associate when you think of going back to school, or school, in general? For me, a very prominent one is apples! I immediately think of giving my teachers apples on my first day back or seeing school bulletin boards that were littered with paper apples and pencils! To go along with this thought, I chose our Canandaigua Chill tea. I chose this tea as it is a tisane tea (dehydrated fruits and spices), it is one of our most popular teas, and it honors the classic fruit harvested in of our beloved upstate and western New York; apples! This tea features both apples and strawberries which, during this season, are very plentiful in our area, as well. You will also taste notes of spice such as cinnamon and clove! This tea is almost reminiscent of the classic American apple pie! What proves even more appealing about this tea is that it is caffeine free! You can drink this tea all day long, hot or cold, and enjoy! 

*Also, as my sister is a teacher, I highly recommend this tea as a back-to-school gift for your favorite teacher! ;)*

Incidentally, knowing and loving many teachers in my life, I know how stressful these next couple weeks are going to be as they prepare for the back to school grind, and the unknown that is to come with a new school year. I have mentioned this in many of my former blogs, but when I need to get work done, my first thought to turn to is my beloved Roasted Yerba Mate. I will link a few of my previous blog articles below that are specifically dedicated to this tea, but to give you a preview, this tea hails from the mountains of Brazil! It is drank by Brazilian gauchos (cowboys) in efforts to keep their energy and alertness high. I, and my family, have grown to absolutely love this tea and swear by it when we need to get something accomplished! Not to mention, it is absolutely delicious! I highly recommend it with some of our raw amber sugar crystals! This adds just the sweetness you need and makes this tea even more so irresistible. 

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Maybe you aren't a teacher or looking to spoil the teacher in your life in this tumultuous time. Perhaps, you are a student yourself, or looking for a graduation gift for someone that is headed off to college. A great gift for the tea drinking student in your life that is often overlooked is an electric kettle! When I embarked on my college journey (many years ago, now), I had completely overlooked that I wouldn't have a way to make my tea in my dorm room. I was distraught! I only need a few things in my life and those absolutely include my dog, my beauty sleep, and my tea! When I purchased an electric tea kettle, along with our infuser, this problem was a thing of the past and I was back on track! 

One last tea that I will mention for our back to school season is a tea that repeatedly gets 5-star reviews; our Citron Green. This green tea does not embody the traditional "grassy" taste of a green tea, but instead really takes on the citrus of lemon. It is particularly lovely in the morning as it has a moderate caffeine content and the lemon notes really serve to wake up your senses. Another factor that often draws our customers to this tea, is it's delectableness both hot and cold. As we transition to the fall season, we never know if our mornings are going to be preparing us for a scorcher or more on the chilly side. This tea is great both ways! If you know that a few sizzling days are headed your way, one great way to prepare is to make yourself a pitcher of this tea in our Mist pitcher! This is the absolute easiest way to make iced tea - just ask Susan! She has three of these pitchers! Here is a little tutorial to see for yourself! 

If you have teas that you have found your favorite teacher or student love, please comment and let us know! I love to read your feedback! It gives me ideas for more blogs to come! I hope you all are staying cool and have a safe transition back to school! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :) 

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