Cold Brewed Iced Tea!

Cold Brewed Iced Tea!

Good morning, sweet sippers! With the heat wave that we have been feeling, we have been receiving more and more questions in the store about the best ways to make cold brewed tea or iced tea. Because of the interest in this topic, I found it fitting to be writing a blog today about the absolute easiest way to make iced tea or cold brew tea, as well as, include some recommendations for our most popular blends for this! 👍

To begin, I would like to highlight that each and every one of our over 120 different kinds of teas can be made both hot and iced and are delicious both ways. Today, we'll be covering how to make them iced and the easiest way to do so.
When you find yourself in the middle of a scorching hot day, oftentimes, you are parched and notice that you may be craving a tall glass of your favorite iced tea. When you open your refrigerator and to your dismay, find that you don't have any, fear not, we have the solution. Using our most popular piece of tea ware, our Mist pitcher, you are able to make iced tea in less than 20 minutes, if need be! To do this, all you need to do if follow these 5 simple steps. 
1. Cover the bottom of your pitcher with your favorite type of loose leaf tea. (You may add more if you like your tea a bit stronger.)
2. Fill the jug half way up with boiling water. 
3. Fill the remainder of your jug with ice cubes. 
4. Place in your refrigerator for 20 minutes. 
5. Enjoy! 
Now, this is the way to do it if you need your iced tea pronto! Should you be anticipating the oncoming heat wave, have a little more time, and want to be prepared, this process gets even easier. Simply cover the bottom of your pitcher with your tea of choice, use room temperature water up to the neck of the pitcher, and place your pitcher in the refrigerator over night. Wah-la! You will be waking up to a pitcher full of your favorite iced tea to be enjoyed all day long! 🍹 👍
As you now know the process of making your delicious iced teas, let's discuss some of our most popular blends that we regularly see customers purchase for iced teas. Keep in mind that these are simply suggestions, and again, all of our teas can be made iced! 
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We'll begin with our tisane teas which are made up of dehydrated fruits and herbs. These delightful teas are often used as a healthier alternative for drink mixes like KoolAid or Crystal Light. Some of our most popular blends that we see often bought alongside the Mist pitchers include our Last Mango in Paris, our Pina Colada, our Strawberry Kiwi, and our Watermelon Sensation. To learn more about each blend, simply click on the link and it will take you directly to the product page. Each of these blends embodies flavors that are very often associated with the heat of summer and are certain to quench your thirst. 
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Black teas are also often enjoyed iced. Some of our most popular black teas for this in the warm weather include our Ice Wine, our Pomegranate Lemon, our Blue Sapphire, and our Decaf Raspberry. Again, simply click on each to learn a bit more. We love these teas each for their unique flavor profiles and their versatility in terms of caffeine levels. While Ice Wine, Pomegranate Lemon, and Blue Sapphire are all caffeinated, Decaf Raspberry is not, as the name suggests. We also have a variety of other decaffeinated flavored black teas if you prefer a particular fruit. Check them out here! 76 Cool Winter Jokes for Kids
Oftentimes green teas are overlooked when it comes to iced teas and we are always perplexed as to why. They are great! Some of our most sought after green teas for iced beverages include our Citron Green, our Ginger N Green, and Hello Hawaii. All of these green teas are layered with flavors perfect to help you cool down on these hot days. If you try one, let us know what you think! 
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Try our cold brewing method with one of these amazing teas today then let us know what you think! We wish you the best of luck staying cooling, friends! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :)

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