Summer Iced Tea Made Easy

Iced Tea is easy to make.

Iced Teas - So Many Delicious Choices

With the arrival of warm weather, many are switching from hot to iced tea.  We welcome summer here at Good Life Tea with a huge range of delicious Fruit and Herbal Teas. We have so many delicious flavors to choose from.  All our fruit teas are made from dried fruit and herbs such as Hibiscus, Mangos, Apples, Pineapple, Coconuts, Strawberries, just to name a few ingredients.  All our teas are naturally delicious and are sugar and caffeine free.  They are crisp and refreshing. Some favorites are Angel Falls Mist, Last Mango in Paris and Berry Berry

Not to be forgotten are the classic iced black teas.  For a refreshing change try iced green teas. Some great black teas are Raspberry, Black Currant, Blue Sapphire, and Peach.  For Green teas try Kyoto Cherry Rose, Citrus Green or Japanese Sencha.

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Hot or Cold - Fast or Easy

Making iced tea has never been easier.  With our Mist Iced Tea Jug, it takes 3 steps. Add tea, add water, put in frig to steep for 4 hours. Done.  So simple.  The Mist Iced Tea Jug is made of Pyrex glass so it is light. The best part is lid which has a built-in filter which strains the tea as you pour the tea into a tall glass of ice. 
If you're in a hurry, no problem. You can have tea in 6 minutes. Simply put tea in the Mist Iced Tea Jug and pour in about 6 inches of heated water.  (Be careful.)  Read the steeping directions and steep your tea accordingly. Then watch the water turn into tea  After the appropriate steep time, top the Mist Iced Tea Jug with ice cubes. Don't worry about the jug cracking, because the Pyrex glass can handle the rapid temperature changes.  Now place the lid and serve your iced tea into tall glasses with lots of ice. Quick and easy.

How much tea to use?

We recommend 8-10 teaspoons (approximately 1 ounce) of tea for each Mist Iced Tea Jug.  If you are not the measuring type, you can add tea so that the bottom of the jug is completely covered and none of the glass is visible. A good rule of thumb is - more tea makes a stronger iced tea. Its better to thin out a strong cup than having a weak tasteless cup. So if your not sure, add an extra bit of tea.

Have fun and experiment!

If you have a Japanese Sencha, try adding Last Mango in Paris to make a tropical green. Try a 50/50 blend. In this combo, you can cold steep the entire mixture or you can hot steep.  For a hot steep, the steep times of the Last Mango in Paris is 5 minutes and the steep time for the Japanese Sencha is 3 minutes.  So add the Last Mango in Paris first and steep for 2 minutes and then add the Japanese Sencha.  After a total steep time of 5 minutes, then add the ice.  Adding the ice, will stop the steeping the process giving you a delicious iced tea that is not bitter. 

This summer make it Iced with fun and delicious teas from Good Life Tea.

Learn the history of Iced Tea

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