Japanese Cast Iron Tea Pot

Everyone is falling in love with these teapots.  They are made of cast iron and are quite heavy.  The cast iron construction is an ancient Japanese tradition.   At one time, all Japanese households had a Tetsubin which was used to heat up water for tea in the cooking area fired by coal or charcoal.  The cast iron retains heat for a long time is ideal for keeping tea warm.  The tall, thin metal handle was designed so that it would not be too hot too handle.  The graceful handle was both form and function.

Our cast iron teapot takes the simple classic design and reworks the tetsubin into a fully functional updated teapot. The modern updates include an enamel finish on the inside, a stainless steel infuser basket for perfect tea steeping and exterior tinting that accentuates the textured steel finish.  The enamel interior helps keep the cast iron from oxidizing (rusting) and helps keep the tea flavor true. 

The cast iron is great for keeping your tea warm while you linger over conversation.  The good looks and beautiful color is a testament to your good taste.  We recommend steeping Kyoto Cherry Rose or Sencha Fuji and serving the tea into matching teacups or into these complimentary colored celadon crackle finish tea cups.

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