Heaven Sent Chai - Organic Loose Leaf Black Tea


A totally organic mix of Masala spiced tea that will take you away to India.

It’s undeniable: loose leaf chai holds the spotlight among young and new tea-drinkers. A sharp,distinct, rich blend whose warmth practically leaps out of the cup and hugs the drinker, chai is a bold but accessible tea. Much like India Pale Ales in the brewing world, the go-to drink bridging connoisseurs and casual drinkers is a distinctly spiced yet sophisticated blend: chai. It’s instantly recognizable (layered warmth filtering through milky cardamom) yet easily varied.

And what variety there is.

Each sip of this carefully-layered chai reveals different roles for each spice to play. Clove and cinnamon each bring uniquely astringent sweetness, with the first an ineffable and lingering flavor that cleanses the palate for what’s next. Cardamom and ginger offer distinctly eastern richness, sharpening and refining the base (black) leaf’s consistent clear taste and reminding that for centuries; spice was the stable currency of the international trade world.

Heaven Sent Chai builds a complex flavor on top of the classic chai formula, with a full flavor pool of chai-associated spices. Every note is present here with just mouth-watering balance: clove, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper on top of the classic cardamom-infused black tea base. Sweet heat is the name of the game here: tangy black tea given body by these sweet, earthy spices.  

Chai, like so many of the world’s great dishes, is a working-class drink that is nonetheless a lush, cultivated flavor collection. It can be appreciated. It can also simply be enjoyed. This particular blend stands on its own as a warming black tea, and can also be brewed with milk for the “true chai” experience. Heaven Sent chai is therefore an excellent tea for introducing chai to the adventurous drinker’s roster, or for fulfilling the chai lover’s range of tastes in one elegant cup.

If you'd like to read more about the history of chai tea, check out this blog post.

Base leaf: Organic Black and organic chai spices.
Health properties: Immunal boost, anti-oxidant, calming properties.
Flavor strength: Moderate.
Primary collection is aromatic spice with clean ginger notes.
Caffeine: Modest.

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Customer Reviews

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This is a rich flavorful tea. Love the taste

Heaven Sent Chai is our #1 most popular chai. The combination of cinnamon, cardamom, clove, ginger and pepper awaken taste buds. What a tasty surprise! If you need a decaf version for late night sipping, try Spice Bomb Chai. You won't be disappointed!

I LOVE this tea

This chai tea is exactly what I love! An excellent blend that works well hot or cold, straight or with milk & honey.
I bought 2 - 1 to refil my tin & one to give as a gift to another tea lover.
In addition to excellent tea, Good Life Tea is a wonderful company with excellent selections, service & quick shipping.

Thanks for your positive remarks, Rochelle! Heaven Sent Chai has won many awards but more importantly, it has been found to be a fan favorite. So glad to add you to the list!

Best chai tea blend

This is my favorite chai tea blend, and my favorite tea overall from Good Life Teas. I could give it one of those big flowery descriptions, but ultimately, all that needs to be said is that it's a well-balanced top-notch chai that's at its best when paired with milk.

Well, you discovered our favorite chai. Truly, it is well balanced - not too strong and certainly not to dull. Sip on!