Hot Cinnamon Spice Loose Leaf Black Tea


Our Best selling loose leaf tea.

Warmth comes in a variety of shades and seasons, insinuating itself first in the intensely autumnal sight of this spiced black tea - Hot Cinnamon Spice tea. One can't help but picture a fire when confronted with the site of ember-like citrus chips atop a crisp smolder of black tea. It's the perfect blend to let heat tease out the lung-opening flavors, letting the tang spark your palette while the generous cinnamon bark adds heat. All that's missing is a fireside chair and your favorite novel. Order some now, you know you love this tea.

Also available in caffeine free herbal with the same great taste.
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This loose leaf tea has depth, flavor and an aroma that adds edge to the idea of “cozy”, unable to be missed, even by the attentions of the most devoted coffee drinker. Hot cinnamon spice tea warms in stages, realizing that simple steam and weight do not a heated evening make. Rather it's the initial zest that quickly peels back to allow for the clove-clouded black central tones to take control. Long burning flavors from the cloves ensure that the warmth will last.

The appearance of all good loose tea matches the promised sensation. Hot Cinnamon Spice has a distinct look with bright citrus pieces and fire-curled cinnamon bark nestled among the robust black of tea leaves and cloves. An unforgettable loose leaf tea and a perennial holiday gift favorite; it's best to stock up.

Also available in caffeine-free with the same great taste. Click here

Read the terrific reviews about this Hot Cinnamon Spice tea our best loose leaf tea.

And if the reviews are enough think about this -  0 calories, 0g net carbs, 0g added sugars, and 0g fat.  If your watching your weight this is a great treat.

Customer Reviews

Based on 82 reviews
Best tea I’ve ever had!

I even tried other hot cinnamon teas and they don’t compare!

We admit, Hot Cinnamon Spice is our number 1 most popular tea. It comes in a black caffeinated version that is a perfect wake up tea in the morning, also, there is a decaf black version which is great in the afternoon as it contains just a bit of caffeine. Finally, there is the caffeine free version that makes a great cup of tea just before bedtime. The rooibos base to it has absolutely no caffeine. Perfection!

Bold and Refreshing

A soothing tea flavor first thing in the morning and a comforting companion by a warm fire in the hearth on a snowy and cold night.

As snow is falling outside right now, your review couldn't be more timely and perfect. Hot Cinnamon Spice certainly is a comforting companion on these cold winter days. Thanks for the suggestion. Now where did I put my favorite tea mug?

Too sweet

Spices are nice but not hot and almost sickeningly sweet. As someone who drinks tea black and unsweetened, I couldn’t drink it.

With more than 120 teas in our inventory, perhaps it should be expected that everyone isn't going to like every one of them. Hot Cinnamon Spice doesn't contain sugar and yet that cinnamon does make it quite sweet. We have lots of excellent black teas. Have you tried Assam or Ceylon?