"Water with..."

"Water with..."

Hello sunshines! I'm excited to tell you we have another guest blog coming your way! We want to extend a huge thank you to Kris Bjerke-Ulliman for submitting the following post having to do with the magic they find in their cups of tea! Enjoy! 

"Water with..."

By: Kris Bjerke-Ulliman 

As the polar vortex plunges into New York State and the Midwest, the frozen snow glistens; however, if you give the weather a listen -- at least in New York -- it will be meltin’ by the weekend. With the rise in temperature, the snow melt will be flowing over the ground picking up salt and anything else in its inevitable path mixing with waste, chemicals, and trash tossed,  without a second thought, by busy people whose minds are scattered and energies diffused by the day’s tension.
As I put the electric kettle on to boil, I began to think about all the natural blessings of a simple cup. The water in my cup will be combined with an amazing plant that for generations has brought flavor, health, and beauty to life. It is time to slow down and regain the simple joy of water with tea. 
Recently I ordered a plethora of black teas. Tonight, as the kettle reaches a boil, I opened the bag to a delightful, aromatic evening brew ( although I have enjoyed this throughout the day) called ice wine black tea. The first thing that tickles my nose is the sweet, delicate, floral and fruity scent. This tea transports me to the woodsyness of the winery -- simply delightful.
Fumbling for a spoon, I notice the handwritten note buried deep between the leaves which read “Believe in magic.”  This water with the tea combines to bring forth a magical experience that touches my soul.  As the water latches onto the rich flavor of the tea and other natural elements, the tea freely releases itself into the water and the two become one. Can their be anything more magical than two becoming one? 
It looks like my cup of ice wine black tea is almost gone and as the winds howl outside my window I believe it is time to plug in the kettle and once more  enjoy the magic in my cup. I hope you will as well. Peace.

We love hearing about you finding the same magic in your cups that we find here everyday! :) Thank you again, Kris! 

We hope you guys continue to send us your blogs for us to post! Have a wonderful rest of your week & stay warm as the temperatures start to cool down again! 

Try the Ice Wine Tea here! 


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