Belgian Chocolate - Loose Rooibos Tea


A supple, vitamin-rich, fat-free Rooibos base meets a cacao infusion and the results are as tantalizing as the blend of South African and Belgian implies. Calendula flower petals add to the unique, brassy, rich flavor collection as a whole.

Cederberg is known for the lingering, incomparable flavor of its Rooibos leaves. This “red bush” is known to South Africans as a relaxant, antioxidant, and provider of a flush, melty flavor. In this case, the always-blendable Rooibos loose tea plays off of the coal-ish, insular pleasures of cacao to form what is often described as a “truffle” note.

A medium-flavored "red tea", Belgian Chocolate is a quirky treat, especially for those who have already discovered the pleasures of Rooibos. Perfect as a luxury loose tea (and perennial gift favorite), Belgian Chocolate is a tea to be savored. Which makes it such a pleasant surprise that its lineup of health benefits includes an impressively-broad vitamin scale.

Whether you're celebrating or just exploring the landscape of Rooibos' adaptability as a dark tea; enjoy Belgian Chocolate, knowing that you're stimulating your love for tea and your health with no calories and all flavor.

Base leaf: Rooibos
Health properties: Anti-anxiety effects reported. Antioxidant qualities known.
Flavor strength: Full, notable. Primary collection is truffle. Calendula notes and distinct “reddish” Rooibos flavors. Melty and chocolatey.
Caffeine: None.

Customer Reviews

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You are not alone, Bridget! Many of our customers have discovered chocolate teas and added them to their favorites list.
Smooth and sweet, unlike any tea I've had before!
Chocolate lovers are drawn to Belgian Chocolate Rooibos. It certainly provides a welcome surprise!
Great combo
Thank you for your review, Rene. We've never thought of adding Almond milk but it certainly makes sense, and you reported that it enhanced the flavor of the Belgian Chocolate Rooibos. It will be tried by us soon!