Sleepy Teas

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jan 27, 2017

I personally go out of my way to maintain the public persona of death before decaf, but that isn’t entirely honest.  I did a bit of international travel over the holidays, and the jet lag had me looking into teas to help me sleep at...

Teas That Aren't Really Teas!

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Oct 15, 2016

Halloween is approaching, and so we ask a spooky question.  What if your favorite tea isn't tea at all, but an impostor? Tea, by its strict definition, is a beverage made by brewing tea leaves in water, which is usually near-boiling.  All tea leaves, be...

The Difference Between Decaf and Caffeine Free Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 01, 2016
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Decaf VS. Caffeine Free Tea Many of our caffeine-sensitive customers come in and tell us that they would like decaf.  While decaffeinated tea does have a reduced quantity of caffeine, many of our customers are surprised to hear that decaf tea still contains some caffeine.  Decaffeinated...