What is Mate?

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Oct 18, 2016

Caffeine Without the Drop. Are you a coffee drinker looking to switch over to tea, but who still needs coffee-quantities of caffeine in your life?  Mate  (or Yerba Mate) may be the drink for you.  It’s a caffeinated drink from South America, but it isn’t...

Why No Student Should Go Back to School Without Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 27, 2016

Hi, I’m Aubrey.  I wanted to take a moment to step out from behind the curtain of Good Life Tea, and talk about tea from the perspective of my own personal experiences.  I’m a college student, and going into my sophomore year.  I’m also one...

How Much Caffeine is in Tea?

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 14, 2016

Practical Advice for Caffeine Lovers and Loathers For those of our readers who are caffeine intolerant, we carry many a decaf tea and caffeine-free tea (which are, by the way, not quite the same thing).  However, if you’re like me, you understand that tea, like...

The Difference Between Decaf and Caffeine Free Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 01, 2016
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Decaf VS. Caffeine Free Tea Many of our caffeine-sensitive customers come in and tell us that they would like decaf.  While decaffeinated tea does have a reduced quantity of caffeine, many of our customers are surprised to hear that decaf tea still contains some caffeine.  Decaffeinated...