Ten Ways To Repurpose Old Tea Tins

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Nov 11, 2016
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If you’ve been one of our customers for a while now, you may be starting to have the same problem that I have-- you have a shelf full of old, empty tea tins.  They’re too small for some use for them to be immediately apparent,...

Why We Don't Carry Bagged Teas

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Nov 05, 2016

Because We Care About Quality Many of our customers ask us why we don’t carry bagged tea.  It’s easy and convenient, and they consider themselves to be too busy to make loose tea a part of their lives.  The short answer is that it’s because...

Pyramid tea bags are environmental bad

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Nov 30, 2014

Our customers occasionally ask us for tea bag and tea pyramids.  Our response is "Sorry we don't carry those." The reasons are quite simple.  Tea bags, while they are quite easy, they do not provide the best tea flavor possible. The tea in tea bag...