The Difference Between a Tea Kettle and a Teapot

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Mar 29, 2017

It has become apparent to me, in my time working in a tea shop, that not all people are aware of the difference between a tea kettle and a teapot.  It is easy enough to confuse them.  They both look sort of similar with a...

NovelTEA Infusers

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Mar 02, 2017

Novelty infusers are very cute.  I personally own a small, silicone sloth who hangs out on the side of my cup.  In addition to being cute, they also encourage you to drink your tea loose, rather than bagged, which is good, because loose tea tends...

All of The Ways to Infuse Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jan 13, 2017

Loose tea can be confusing.  There isn’t a neat, pre-packaged paper sack of leaves, which you can simply drop into boiling water, and leave there.  We understand.  Therefore, we’ve gathered a list of every way which we can think of of infusing water with tea....

Why We Don't Carry Bagged Teas

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Nov 05, 2016

Because We Care About Quality Many of our customers ask us why we don’t carry bagged tea.  It’s easy and convenient, and they consider themselves to be too busy to make loose tea a part of their lives.  The short answer is that it’s because...

What is Yixing?

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Oct 23, 2016

Do you have a favorite tea?  Something that you drink every day?  Something that people who really know you know is your tea?  A Lapsang Souchong to your Sherlock Holmes?  An Earl Grey to your Charles Grey?   If so, you may be interested in...

What is a Gai Wan?

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Sep 02, 2016

You may have noticed, either or in our shop or online, small, odd-looking dishes, always with lids, and sometimes on saucers.  While these dishes can range from primitive and earthy to ornately decorated, they all seem to have one thing in common-- they intimidate tea...

How Are You Infusing Your Teas?

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 12, 2016
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Tea leaves needs room to steep.  Related Blog Post Why Does My Tea Get Bitter? How can I avoid it?   When you steep high-quality, loose tea leaves, they expand.  In order to allow these leaves to brew to a high-quality tea, they need to...

The Finer Points of Tea Storage

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Jul 05, 2016

We get a lot of questions in our shop about tea storage.  People want to know, when they buy in bulk, or if they don’t drink tea all that often, how long their tea will stay fresh for, and what happens to old tea.  Here...