A Guide to Green Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Mar 26, 2017

There’s a lot of variety to green tea.  Some of it is flavored, some of it is just green, some of it is rolled up into little balls, some of it is in bags, and all of it is of different prices and qualities.  This...

Moroccan Mint Tea

Post by  Aubrey Simonson Feb 23, 2017

It may seem like we named this tea “Moroccan Mint” because they both start with the letter M.  However, have you seen how difficult it is to spell Moroccan?  Anyone who has seen me struggle to spell the name of this tea in the shop...

Buddhist Monks Drink Green Tea

Post by  Robert O'Brien Jan 19, 2016

Thousands of years ago. When tea started to become a popular drink, Chinese Buddhist monks discovered that drinking tea helped with their daily meditation. Meditation, they believed, was the source of all enlightenment.  If you have ever meditated, you've discovered that it is not easy. Your...

Chef Mary's creative use of Citron Green Tea

Post by  Robert O'Brien Jul 31, 2015

She just walked into our store and said, "I made some cake for you with Citron Green Tea."  We were stunned when we tasted it.  She had just made it and it was still warm. Wow. Delicious.  And she calls it Good Life Cake !...