Buddhist Monks Drink Green Tea

Buddhist Monks Drink Green Tea

Thousands of years ago.Buddhist monk meditation

When tea started to become a popular drink, Chinese Buddhist monks discovered that drinking tea helped with their daily meditation. Meditation, they believed, was the source of all enlightenment. 
If you have ever meditated, you've discovered that it is not easy. Your mind drifts off into distraction and perhaps you even start to nod off. You're not alone.  The ancient monks also encountered these barriers to nirvana. 

A Solution Is Found

The monks discovered that drinking tea helped them with their daily meditation. They discovered that tea packed a one-two punch of caffeine and L-Theanine. Although they lacked scientific proof, they felt the effects of caffeine which fought off drowsiness, and L-Theanine which sharpened their focus and concentration.  Combined, these two powerful ingredients aided in their meditation and spiritual enlightenment. 

Today, modern science has proven what the clever monks knew intuitively, and green tea is enjoyed, not only as a delicious drink, but also for its ability to bring energy and focus to our working day.

Apply This Ancient Wisdom Today

Buddhist monks drink green tea for alertness and focus L-Theanine is found in higher concentrations in all green teas - particularly in Japanese Gyokuro and Matcha. We stock plenty of Green Teas, including Gyokuro and Matcha
You can make the whole experience of these teas feel much more authentic with our traditional Japanese matcha tea ware.


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Try these green teas!


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