2,150 Year Old Tea Discovered

2,150 Year Old Tea Discovered

A recent excavation in China of Emperor Jin revealed that he was buried with a large stash of tea. Emperor buried with his tea 2150 years ago
Below left is a picture of the tea that was excavated. On the right is LongJing also known as Dragon Well Green Tea.  There is a huge similarity in teas.  LongJing tea is also happens to be the preferred tea of the current ruling elite in China.  Maybe some things never change.





Apparently tea was enjoyed much earlier than was thought previously.  

This discovery also confirmed that tea was an important drink - so important that Chinese emperor's stocked up for the after life.

Our advice to you.  Stock up on tea and enjoy it here and now. If you want to take some with you for you after life, we don't have a problem with that.  Just don't call us Good After Life Tea. LOL

Here is the summary from the UK Daily Mail. Its quite fascinating.

That's been brewing for a long time! 2,150-year-old tea leaves found among treasures buried with a Chinese emperor provide the earliest evidence of Silk Road trade route

  • Archaeologists discovered a huge stash of tea Emperor Jing of Han's tomb
  • The stash of fine tea tips was spread 42 feet wide and eight inches thick 
  • It suggests tea was being grown at the time to satisfy the emperor's desire 
  • Researchers also found tea in a tomb in Tibet and suggest it was traded

Read more: http://dailym.ai/1OGM0Ca

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