Happy National Iced Tea Month!

  • Post by  Katie Panara Jun 08, 2020

Hello friends! What a scorcher the this weekend was! Am I right? I'm not sure how you all stayed cool, but for me, iced tea was the real MVP.

What's even better, and fitting, is it that June is National Iced Tea Month! Who knew?!

We at Good Life Tea knew, that's who! And we wanted to share that information with you so that we can all celebrate together! In this blog post, I will highlight some of our most popular iced teas. If you have any of our teas that you have tried iced and love, or want to try, let us know! We absolutely love hearing from you! 

Here we go!

First, I would like to mention our Last Mango in Paris tisane tea. This tea is absolutely delicious. It is a fragrant tea that boasts notes of mango, orange, and apple that "tango" with flavors of hibiscus, rosehips, and elderberries. This refreshing blend is positively delightful poured over ice. It dances right across your taste buds! 

Next, I want to touch upon our Strawberry Kiwi tisane. I want to mention this as we have heard many times from our customers that their children prefer this iced over their regular juices or Kool Aid! The tea is comprised of dried strawberries and kiwis and doesn't have any sugar in it! It is absolutely delicious for kids of all ages! Even me! 

The next tea I will tell you about is our White Peach. This tea is a white tea that we talked about in the last blog post! It is absolutely delicious in the afternoon over ice. It's flavors are not overbearing and light, and is the perfect pick me up, as it has a medium caffeine content! This is certainly a summer drink for all!

The last tea that we love iced that I will mention is our Ginger's Island! Ginger's Island is comprised of dried apples, coconut, pineapple, rose hip, hibiscus, lemongrass, and all spiced up with ginger! It is a refreshing summer drink and what's even cooler is our neighbors at Dalai Java are featuring it in a passionfruit smoothie right now! I highly recommend this!

If none of these are truly appealing to you, head over to our "Iced Tea" section in our website that features all of the teas we recommend iced! Let us know which one you pick and why! How was it? I can't wait to hear all of your recommendations! Stay cool! - Kaytea :)