Welcome Summer with Cold Brew!

Welcome Summer with Cold Brew!

Hi, Tea Friends! I've missed you all and have been thinking of you as we enjoy this beautiful summer! 

Speaking of summer, it has been hot! What better way to crush the heat than some refreshing, cool iced tea?! And even better, it is super easy to make! Three easy steps to make your favorite tea, and iced for this heat wave! 

Step 1: Cover the bottom of your steeper with your loose tea (~3 tablespoons)

Step 2: Fill the steeper with water to the top.

Step 3: Let sit in your fridge for 6-8 hours! (overnight works well!) Strain and enjoy!

Wa-la! You have just made yourself a refreshing tea to enjoy throughout the day!

Hoping you guys are having a wonderful summer and let me know how this works for you by commenting below or checking out our Facebook page! 

Kay-tea :)

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