You are exactly where you are meant to be.

Awaken with Tea Chapter 3

~You are exactly where you are meant to be~

Blog Key Takeaways:

Embrace Life's Challenges: Life's difficult moments and challenges are often perceived as mistakes or unfair events, but they are essential for our personal growth and evolution. Every experience, even the painful ones, serves a purpose in our journey.
Learning in Every Moment: There are lessons hidden in every corner of our lives. Each encounter and experience brings wisdom and understanding, helping us to evolve piece by piece. Life's unpredictable nature often teaches us the most when we least expect it.
Interconnected Experiences: Every interaction and experience we have contributes to our growth. Even frustrating or seemingly insignificant moments hold lessons that can have a lasting impact on our lives, creating a ripple effect of change and realization.
No Coincidences: The concept of coincidence is dismissed in favor of the idea that we attract what we focus on. Our thoughts, desires, and state of mind shape our experiences, leading to recurring themes that present the necessary lessons we need to learn.
Present Moment Awareness: True change and growth happen in the present moment. The past and future are constructs of the mind, while the present is where we physically exist and breathe. By embracing the here and now, we can fully experience and learn from the lessons life presents to us.

    When life hands us complicated cards we think it has made some cruel mistake and placed us in the wrong place and time. If we experience a death, we feel it shouldn't have happened. Sometimes it can be prevented, but other times, it is the harshest lesson that needs to manifest in the form of a death, so that we can really wake up. Whatever challenges us and tests our patience, we think it wrong that we have to endure it. We attempt to trace back our steps and get angry with reasons that could have prevented us from whatever grievance we encounter.

     The truth is we are always in the right place at the right time. We always experience what we need in order to evolve- even if we don't necessarily desire the way in which we have to learn the lesson. Even if it's something you detest, that aggravates and confuses the living daylights out of you, you are meant to be there.


In every turn there is a lesson and progression


     We are continually meeting up with lessons in disguise, and painful ones that grab our attention and really shake us awake to life. Life keeps us on our toes and pops out of nowhere, (especially when we least desire) some great teaching. We are constantly learning. Around every corner and inside every crevice there is a truth. Something to discover. An experience we need to see, hear or learn that expands our understanding or knowledge. We discover more with each step. Piece by piece, we are unravelling realizations. Piece by piece, wisdom is being born back into existence.



"Once in a while you get shown the light, in the strangest of places if you look at it right."


Grateful Dead


     Every individual and experience we cross paths with has something to teach us, and us for them. That frustrating interaction unknowingly holds insight that will eventually show itself. Even if we don't immediately notice the affect it had on us, it resonates into existence and creates a rippling effect. What someone said days ago may still linger in our minds. Something we saw weeks ago will inspire a new idea. Change is happening on every level, and most of the time we can't grasp it with definitive comprehension because we can't detect it. Everything happens for something- and it may be a lifelong journey to realize what these something's are- but it is a journey worth taking.


~You must be here to get there~

     I don't believe in coincidences, strokes of luck, accidents or failures. I believe we cultivate our lives based on what we attract. What we desire most will become, and what state of mind we live within determines our path. Whatever we continually focus our attention, time and energy upon has no choice but to exist in our world. What we resist persists. And if we ignore and fight it, we will only get more of that particular type of lesson. (Hence, why reoccurring themes appear throughout our lives)... We are constantly magnetizing which type of lesson is needed and in which type of way it will unfold.


Where there is breath, there is life

     Both the past and future exist in our mind. The present moment is the only space where you are currently breathing and physically exist. It inhales and exhales. It moves fluidly. Every other tense is either a faint memory of a day once lived, or a fragment of your mind that you are projecting into the future.

Here is the only place where true change occurs.

     In this moment we can decide whether we allow ourselves to settle into the Here and Now (whatever hard lesson it brings) or whether we choose to fight its presence and resist where we have been placed and what we have to see. Wherever we are, comes some new awareness. New knowledge and a new piece of the puzzle that continues to form our life.

~Find Salvation in Surrender ~

It morphs, transforms and changes in stages

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