Expect the Unexpected

Awaken with Tea
Expect the Unexpected
~ let life flow where it may ~



   Just when you think you've figured it out, life pulls the rug from under your feet. Just when you think you've got it all in order, you lose your bearing and can hardly think or speak. Next thing you know you're spinning in circles facing a completely different direction than before. Suddenly, life has opened a surprise door. Around every bend you find the unknown and struggle to have a new understanding on what you've just stepped into. It doesn't compare to what you were previously carrying, it's erring and even looks a bit frightening. The moment is quickly varying and now you are staring face to face with the unknown.


"We walk as though we know where we're stepping towards"
~Ayla Nereo ~


    We try to shape our environments and the people inside of them too. We aim for control and wish to plan life's every detail in the time-frame we think we require. We search frantically for answers when ultimately, we don't have a clue. We try to align what was organized previously in our mind with the current situation we're in and when they don't match up precisely, we wreak havoc and melt in catastrophe. We want everything to go just right and everyone to be on time. Yet, one thing we do not have is the power to control the specifics of these waves as they morph; changing direction and speed. We cannot control precise timelines or foresee the spontaneous details that creep in. Even if we say exactly how we want a day to organize itself, we never know what will truly happen. It's always changing rhythm and rhyme. A constant journey to remind. It bounces and wildly moves, fluidly flowing into the next arising scene. Nothing is ever permanent or stationary and if we learn to meld into that scenario, it doesn't become so scary after all.

Be wherever you are


   The unpredictability in life reminds us to play within this moving stream of mystery. To not take our plans in life so seriously and not get too attached to the stories we make up in our heads. Majority of the time our lives unfold in a manner completely opposite than what we had foreseen or even intended and the timing is a surprise to what we'd hoped for. If we try to manipulate life's every detail it loses its magic. The unknown is wonderful! Things beyond our wildest dreams can transpire. Something even better than what we imagined. Every limitless, possible thing can appear right before our eyes. Every day is a surprise, and present just waiting to unfold. . .

You never know what to expect when you open the door-



    We try to apply permanent glue to fix all our problems and find answers for all of life's uncertainties. We attempt to direct every turn and dictate how a moment will go before actually arriving there. If we loosen our expectation and desire for explanation, then we can let go and simply laugh; just beneath the surface there are a million alternatives swarming and waiting to bloom- the best one is always just around that unforeseeable corner- waiting to find us. Waiting to shift where we are sitting. A process to change what we are seeing and how we are seeing. 

Travel the Road to the Unknown


If we can previously agree on re-arranging our ideas about a day's unraveling and pay little attention to our previous ideas, then we can settle into the moment exactly where we have been placed. However, and wherever it decides to roll. We can be here without comparing it or harassing it with every "coulda shoulda woulda" in the book. No one can predict life-altering events; in the drop of a hat your life can change like that! If we give up having complete control on this journey and learn to ride the wave, we can relax and adhere to here. Be mindful of today, whatever comes along the way, and be willing to accept the adventure that awaits.

Whatever arises, simply go, simply flow

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