Drinking Tea is for Two!

Drinking Tea is for Two!

Good afternoon, lovely tea people! Today I hope to chat with you all about the presence of isolation in Western tea culture. What the heck is that about?! As of recently I have noticed that often times customers here, myself included, have shown a pattern of solitude for enjoying our tea. In recognizing this I sought to find out why this is so. There are a few pertinent reasons for this fact. 

Now don't get me wrong, sometimes a solo cup of tea (i.e. see blog on tea meditation) can be extremely soothing and therapeutic. Sometimes basking in the little life pleasures of a warm cup in your hand alone can be calming. But traditionally, tea is a social experience. It is intended to bring people together for good conversation, to promote community, and to make memories with. One thing that has deterred this in the Western world is the production of smaller sized teapots. The smaller teapots suggest that only one or two cups are needed and that the drinker will be drinking alone. In this case, bigger is better! The bigger pots allow for a bigger brew for you to enjoy with your friends! 

Another factor that affects how we have come to enjoy our steeping hot drinks is the ever present cell phones and social media. Often times we become wrapped up in these virtual worlds and forget to remain in the moment and appreciate time with our loved ones. When making a pot of tea and enjoying it with your friends or family I urge you to consider putting down your phone or computer and staying present in the moment. We often forget that these moments are precious and limited. Beautiful memories can be made with the special people in our lives over a warm cup of tea! 

One last draw to preparing tea for our loved ones is the instantaneous gratification found in the happiness that it will bring to them. Steeping tea for someone you care for is an incredible labor of love showing that you love them and their company. I hope this post proved helpful and inspires you to call someone your love and invite them to enjoy tea with you. Let me know your thoughts and, if anything, meander down to the shop here with me and enjoy our lovely table and chairs now outside due to the warm weather! Happy sipping! :) 

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