To Wake up and Tea is to Wake up and See

To Wake up and Tea is to Wake up and See
Awaken with tea
this infinite dream
Awaken the


A weaving

Wake up
your mind how it frees

Wake up
Once more.


Look beneath the seams
Gradually arise like sunrise.
Gently align existence
with a path of least resistance
Golden start
waves, seeking and


Find how you feel
propel this mental wheel.


Slowly remind:

Lovingly let go of time
Lovingly let go of past
look to Here with eyes brand new
See the world of possibility and


Cosmic Energies flow
in the current of Now
Fresh taste.
Less haste.


A moment to improve
Renew your view
Discover the reality that's hidden inside of you


   My experience and ongoing journey with tea has been an aid and ally that continues to enlighten and enhance my life. The time I take for me in the morning, is a most cherished time. I have learned to pay special attention to how and where it all begins, because that is what our life ends up becoming! I look forward to the unfolding process and take great care to lovingly steer how it transpires and have begun to gently awaken with a fresh mind everyday.  Mornings have become a practice, a ritual, and are the reasons my life has unfolded in the manner it has. If there is anything I take seriously it is my tea and me, and is why I have begun to incorporate these new ideas and tiny treasures with Good Life Tea.

Mighty Moments with me and my Tea

   I moved to Boulder, Colorado in 2012 after a seriously painful breakup that inspired me to try something radically different and without a single idea of “how” anything was to unfold after making the decision to move there. I had reached the final straw of what I was willing to tolerate in my life and had to change something. What I didn't realize at the time was that one of the greatest pains in life would eventually drive me to the greatest experience, greatest blessing and greatest teacher. Every hardship I encounter still, I find an alarmingly powerful propeller that awakens truth. When we hit the bottom of rock bottom's we only grow that much stronger, wiser, and taller. And when things don't work out the first time it's because something else was waiting for us all along. This magically transforming step of moving to Colorado changed every atom in my being and is a testament to how I live today. I discovered a deeper understanding of who I really Am. My eyes opened to an entirely different reality. Since then and because of this, I have begun taking the greatest care in choosing how my life unfolds, devoting time everyday before it all begins to reflect.

Every ache is an avenue for emancipation. Every tear is watering the seed for even greater things.

 Our mind is our greatest and most powerful tool and if we learn to use it in the right way, we can benefit our lives beautifully. Everyday we feed our bodies, go to work, clean, exercise and prepare a new day to the routine that eventually becomes our lives. In this process of daily life regime, we forget to adjust our mindset and refresh our outlook. When we are overloaded with any issue in life (which can happen quite easily when we don't take the extra time to unload and refresh) we can't see the picture clearly. The picture that is our life has become foggy and unbearable to witness. So we try to escape the pain and confusion as quick as possible, all the while forgetting to truly reflect, and digest every morsel

No one likes to be in pain, and no one likes to be confused, but these moments are where our greatest lessons transfuse.

   I've found that with patience and loving care to the soil that is our mindset, we can drastically change the appearance and direction of our lives. This type of constant mental work is what I continue to practice every single day with every single cup of tea I ingest in every single morning I choose to arise. (And every moment) Boulder is where I began to truly notice the importance of the beginning, the seed, and the power of the present moment. Every morning is an opportunity to start brand new and re-program our thoughts with a more patient, loving soundtrack that reflects truth wherever it happens to reside; even, and especially, the uncomfortable, painful places. If we take a step towards mindful awareness by giving ourselves a little extra time in the morning (or whenever we drink our tea) to reflect, refresh, and re-set our minds- we may open the door to one of the greatest journeys we could ever imagine. (No pun intended)

The in-between is where it is born.

   It seems today that people are so quick to take the easy way out, finding the shortcut and the“app” that provides the quickest means of existence. I find quite the opposite, proves beneficial and enlightening. The journey and the process are where all the hidden gems of intelligence reside. The steps along the way to wherever our "said destination" is, and the route that takes a little longer and proves just a little more challenging, is where we find all the learning. The one that wasn't truly intended as we aim towards our "plans," requires just a little extra patience, is where awareness is kept. When we intentionally decide to carve out space and give ourselves the opportunity to truly awaken to life we find the greatness already lies within us and we need only one thought to open the door.

   In my journey with Good Life Tea I hope to gift a brand new idea and sense of clarity that opens your mind if even for just a moment, while you sip your tea. A step to wake and reflect upon. One thought. I hope to invoke a presence in these sacred, silent moments that inspire you to wake up to your path-wherever it may lead.

Kristen Lucero

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