College Care Packages with Tea!

Post by  Katie Panara Sep 10, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! Are you one of our college student customers? Do you know a college aged student that is heading back to campus? As we are getting ready to celebrate Labor Day next week, and as summer vacations come to a close, something...

White Tropics Tea!

Post by  Katie Panara Sep 08, 2021

Good morning, tea people! Are you longing to hold onto those sweet, sweet summer days of lounging pool, lake, or oceanside with some sort of tropical drink by your side? You're not alone. We are too, my friend, we are too. To help with this yearn...

Teas for Fall and more...!

Post by  Katie Panara Sep 01, 2021

Good morning, tea peeps. As we are getting ready for Labor Day weekend, don't you feel that fall in slowly setting in on us? If you don't, and you are saying "Kaytea, it's still so hot!", don't worry, in this post we're going to touch...

Ending the Week On a Sweet Note!

Post by  Susan Albert Aug 26, 2021

Good morning, my sweet friends! I say sweet, as today, we will be discussing some of our sweeter teas that are sure to satisfy even the most cumbersome of a sweet toothache!  We know that when Friday rolls around and after a hard week's work,...

Autumn Sunset

Post by  Katie Panara Aug 23, 2021
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Good morning, tea lovers! We hope that you all had a lovely weekend and I come to you this morning to talk about one of our most loved tisane blends - our Autumn Sunset tea. Now, calm down, Charlie Brown! No one is saying that summer is...

Good Life Tea Takes On the Sunday Scaries

Post by  Katie Panara Aug 18, 2021
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Greetings, tea friends! It's Thursday.... so almost Friday (thank goodness)... and then Saturday (YES), but wait, then Sunday... Don't worry, we're not taking anything away from you. We definitely want you to go out, have fun, celebrate, be the best you that you can be;...

3 New Teas for You & Me!

Post by  Katie Panara Aug 16, 2021

Good morning, tea lovers! I have some exciting news to share with you this morning! Because we just felt like we haven't had enough going on and changing lately (I'm totally kidding! It's been crazy here!), we thought it would be the perfect time to...

Celebrate "National Smile Week" with Good Life Tea!

Post by  Katie Panara Aug 11, 2021

Good morning, tea loves! Today, we wanted to make you aware that you are smack dab in the middle of a very special and very happy week! It is National Smile Week! What are some things that bring a grin to your face? Perhaps, it's the...

Back to the Workplace Teas!

Post by  Katie Panara Aug 10, 2021

Good morning, tea worker bees! Over the past year and a half, we have experienced getting sent to a work from home environment, the hybrid schedule of half the week in the office, half out, partially going back into the office only to be sent home...

What we are drinking, what you are drinking, and more.

Post by  Katie Panara Jul 28, 2021

Good morning, tea friends! Over the last few weeks we have been making a conscious effort to ask you all what you have been drinking lately. We also have  been staying more informed with one another here at the shop as to what is in...