The Unusual Suspects!

by Katie Panara July 02, 2020 4 min read

The Unusual Suspects!

Happy 4th of July Weekend Tea friends! With everything that has been going on lately, I am just so happy to see that this patriotic weekend will be all sunshine and hot temperatures! Can you say "Lake anyone?"?

Speaking of other remedies for this hot wave headed our way, our recent posts have been focused on our iced teas! Iced tea is a great way to cool down and these recent posts have more so highlighted the crowd favorites for this. This post is going to be dedicated to giving you some ideas for iced teas that you might not immediately suspect, but are actually fabulous!

Let's start with our Pomegranate Oolong. To give a quick refresher, oolong teas are both wilted and steamed. They are a bit of a hybrid between black teas and green teas as they are "semi oxidized". For a more in depth description, check out our Oolong tea page here! We chose to highlight our Pomegranate Oolong here, for it's fruity notes. People just seem to associate fruit flavors with summer, but for some reason, we rarely see this tea chosen as one to drink iced. Pomegranates are revered for their juicy and refreshing nature which lends itself naturally to be perfect iced! If you love pomegranates in the morning for breakfast, consider making yourself a pitcher of this iced tea over night in one of our Mist pitchers! They are the easiest thing to use and you'll thank yourself when you wake up to a scorcher and have a pitcher of this waiting in the fridge! 

Another tea that is surprisingly good iced is our Chocolate Mint Black Tea! Have you ever had one of the Peppermint Patty McFlurries? Think this flavor with WAY less calories! Do you crave that little sweet satisfaction after dinner but seem to feel guilty letting yourself indulge in dessert? This is the perfect compromise. Our Chocolate Mint Black Tea is a black tea base that is emphasized but flavors of chocolate and mint. I don't know about you, but I love the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies. Even better, I love putting them in the freezer and then munching on them! Full disclosure, I may have eaten an entire box in one sitting. This tea is my way of avoiding ever doing that again, while still enjoying these flavors cold! 

If you are more partial to the green teas, one tea that we rarely see iced, but is surprisingly lovely, is our Genmaicha. This tea is a vegetal tea that actually incorporates pieces of popped rice in it! When you serve it iced, you will find that this "toasted" flavor from the popped rice is more so evident, as well as the light citrus flavors! I highly recommend this tea in the morning to start your day as it has a medium caffeine content. It is an invigorating way to start your day and will leave you feeling healthy and hydrated! 

As we have touched upon black teas, oolong teas, and green teas, I feel as though we should include an unsuspecting rooibos tea as well! The one that many often forget to serve iced here is our Gentle Slumber. Gentle Slumber is a rooibos based tea that incorporates both chamomile and peppermint for their calming effects. On hot summer nights, sometimes we find ourselves so restless. I know I sometimes struggle to find that perfect comfortable position or the heat just seems unbearable. It is hard to quiet both my mind and body in the heat. This tea is caffeine free and both chamomile and peppermint, as mentioned, are known for their calming properties. Try drinking a glass of this tea over ice before you start your bed routine to ensure that you are both hydrated and calm!

Lastly, I'll mention a personal iced favorite of mine that is often overlooked. I absolutely love our Ice Wine tea served over ice! Ice is in the name people, come on!!! Our Ice Wine tea is a black tea that incorporates the flavors of the winter harvested grapes used to make the coveted Ice Wine. I love this tea iced as it really highlights the chill behind these winter harvested grapes. I highly recommend this one! 

Above I briefly mentioned our Mist pitcher. This is by far the easiest way to make iced tea. I have written a couple blog posts about this product prior to this that I will link below! 

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If you have any other unsuspecting teas that you love iced, please comment below! Let us know! I love hearing your feedback! If you decide to try any of our teas iced, let us know how they were! I would love to add any additional great ones to this blog! Stay cool out there and Happy 4th of July! - Kaytea :)