Chocolate Mint Loose Leaf Black Tea


Like the ice cream or the Girl Scout cookies, this tea will delight your palate.

Close your eyes and imagine pleasure in its purest form. For your sense of taste chocolate is a powerful seducer. For the more delicate palate, a sprig of mint can make a meal. Long known as additionals, add-ons, and flavorings; chocolate and mint take center stage in this wonderful tisanal blend.

Mint brings to mind sharpness and clarity. With a razor-like coolness, it divides up the other flavors it is combined with and takes its own unique taste right to the roof of the mouth. Rising into the sinuses, mint is a natural mate for the grounding, melty, warm presence of chocolate. Balance is key but we don't mind saying that this desert tea is a chocolate tea first and a minty concoction second.

In that sense, the flavors are team mates and not rivals. Best in the evening at a full table, this tea can be enjoyed anytime that richness of taste and tone call to the heart of a tea lover. Ideal for gifts, special occasions, or “the person who has everything not to mention the “person who has tried every tea) this blend is intuitively delicious.

Chocolate and mint each carry significant health properties. Chocolate is a terrific source of antioxidants and helps the body's natural defenses. Mint is said to ease gastrointestinal troubles and have a calming and soothing effect on various parts of the body.

Chocolate Mint tea is a dream for many and – now – for the tea lover; it's a reality. Drink some now and you will keep coming back for more.

Base leaf: Black tea
Health properties: Anti-oxidant properties known.
Flavor strength: Full, dark, earthy. Primary collection is dessert dark.
Caffeine: Mild.

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Chocolate Mint Loose Leaf Black Tea

subtle and very nice. will definitely order again.

Thanks for your review! We look forward to providing more premium tea to you in the future!
Best Tea

I have been looking for a good Chocolate Mint tea for a long time. I think I have definitely found my new source! I received my order with a hand written note....hand written today’s society this never happens anymore! Just shows what a thoughtful and wonderful company they are.

Your kind words are very much appreciated Jessica. May you enjoy many hours of sipping your new tea!

Since the sad decline of Teavana we have been searching for a cocoa mint tea and have tried many. This is our favorite.

Tevana's loss is our gain. We look forward to being your source for tea for decades to come!

Chocolate Mint

Thanks for letting us know you liked GLT's Chocolate Mint. Yes, it is pretty darn yummy!
5 star

Chocolate Mint

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