Tea Preferences of "Bridgerton"

Tea Preferences of "Bridgerton"

Salutations, tea mates! How are you all doing on this fine and delightful morning? I'm sure that you are all familiar with one of Netflix's newest obsessions, the beloved, Bridgerton. This new series is based upon a set of novels by Julia Quinn, in which prestigious debutantes are presented at the court of the Queen and then, therefore, courted by suitors. It is dramatic, enticing, addicting, and what we enjoy most, of course, riddled with tea. Would you "fancy a cuppa" while you dive into this blog post in which we will detail which of our teas to be the favorite of some of the main characters in this sensational series? 


Almost immediately we are introduced to the foremost femme, Daphne Bridgerton. Daphne is deemed the belle of the ball and, upon presentation, praised by the queen herself as "flawless, my dear". Daphne is young and beautiful, with delicate features, and a quick wit about herself. When given the choice, Daphne chooses our Angel Falls Mist tea post jaunting the promenade. Daphne loves the blend of citrus and strawberry notes to refresh herself after the exhaustion from entertaining conversation with her numerous potential suitors. She prefers it iced after being outside, but enjoys a hot cup, just the same. Also, being a tisane tea, she does not worry about being kept awake from caffeine. Should this angel fall from her grace, we do hope that some of her mist finds itself our way. 


As you have just seen, none other but Simon Basset, the Duke of Hastings has caught the eye of Miss Daphne. Simon may be off putting at first, but you will soon learn that he has his reasons. His devilishly handsome looks and partiality to stand up for the damsel in distress will promptly win you over. When asked for his preference for tea, the Duke will tell you he is partial to our Assam. We attribute this to the flavor profile of our Assam being undeniably similar to Sir Basset himself, “so intense and yet smooth”.   

Another influential and matronly figure that we meet early into the series proves the noteworthy, Lady Danbury. When the Duke of Hastings experienced challenge and adversity as an adolescent, Lady Danbury was swift to lend her hand and guardianship to him. The two share a special bond that she holds dear to her heart. Lady Danbury fosters and sanctions the relations between Miss Daphne and Simon which delights us as we know that her opinion is of the utmost importance to the Duke. When asked about her inclinations in terms of tea, Lady Danbury prefers green tea, and her front runner these days is our Kyoto Cherry Rose. She puts this as her top choice today as she prefers a bit of a caffeine boost (as all green teas provide) in the morning, and the rose petals add not only beautiful floral notes for taste, but she loves the visual elegance. She tells us that when steeping, she watches the petals dance within her glass and it reminds her of her more youthful days, dancing with prominent paramours. 
While Lady Danbury is a matronly figure to Sir Simon Basset, another matron we have yet failed to inquire about her preference for tea is none other but, Mrs. Bridgerton. How rude of us! Lady Violet Bridgerton is a widow to the prestigious Lord Bridgerton, and has quite the handful with eight children still keeping her busy. Daphne is her eldest daughter and when the queen presented the compliment of "flawless" upon her, Lady Violet was beyond honored as her daughter bears an undeniable similarity to her. When we questioned her tea likings, Lady Bridgerton took a moment and then bestowed, "I have eight children, dear. When I drink my tea, I sip in hopes that it will help with my slumber and for that reason, I most often choose your Egyptian Delta Nile Chamomile tea.". Our herbal chamomile tea is a proven tonic for sleep. It hails directly from the desert lands of Egypt and is dried in the hot sun along the Nile. It is not surprising to us that Lady Bridgerton would choose something so distinguished and esteemed. 
Lady Bridgerton was recently invited to a private tea with the Queen! Honored, nay, astounded and astonished, she was! When she pondered what tea the Queen could possibly be serving at such an event, we knew we had to then find out! We dug out our pristine letterhead stationary and promptly penned a letter to the Queen, herself. Flabbergasted does not even begin to touch the feelings we experienced when a parcel of royal stationary arrived at our front door. The Queen had personally written us back with a simple message; "I make certain to only sip the Supreme." While she is a woman of few words, we knew exactly what she meant! The Queen reserves her sips for our Earl Grey Supreme tea! It is not surprising that her partiality lies in Earl Grey, due to it's ties to England. We also would expect nothing less than the supreme grade of tea leaf to be something fitting for the palette of the Queen. Made of superior tea tips, this superlative blend has an extra infusion of lemon-y bergamot that only adds to it's grandeur. 
Lastly, we know that you are all here, dying to know which tea the infamous Lady Whistledown brews when writing her salacious society papers. I am incredibly apologetic, as I can't say. When I reached out in efforts to learn the answer to such a question, I received only this back from her. 
"To whom it may concern, 
While tea proves a regular part of my routine, I am acutely aware that sharing my preferences may render the release of my well kept secret; my identity. I will divulge that my preference lies in one of your most beloved teas, just like my column it is always "hot and spicy", and whilst writing and "spilling the tea" of those around me, I am intent that I do not spill any of my own treasured tea.
Cordially yours, 
Lady Whistledown"
Take that for what you will, but we think Whistledown is working with our Hot Cinnamon Spice! It is our most popular tea and we, too, always have it brewing here at the tea shop! Let us know what you think of the choices of these elite! If you would like, we are happy to continue reaching out and finding out what more of the characters enjoy taking in their tea cups! As Lady Whistledown would say, "Cordially yours" - Kaytea :)  
P.S. Do you find your eyes to be wandering toward a certain suitor as Valentine's Day quickly approaches? If so, you may consider finding out their take on our dearest Bridgerton & then matching your gift to them to their favorite character! How lovely would it be for them to watch their favorite character's about the screen while simultaneously sipping their favorite tea?

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