Keeper Steeper

Keeper Steeper

Good morning, sippers! We hope that you have all had a wonderful start to your week and that you are staying warm! Today I am pleased to write to you to announce and detail the first of our Valentine's Day Collection sets; the Keeper Steeper!

This set was designed with the newbie tea drinker in mind! Part of love and good relationships is sharing your passions and individual pleasures with the other person. Why not share your love for our teas with them and get them started with this set; the Keeper Steeper

Inside this beautiful set, you will find the following;

We've included an ounce of our Chocolate Mint rooibos tea, an ounce of our decaf black Raspberry tea, a 20-count packet of our DIY tea bags, and one of our beautiful Washi tea tins. 

We started with our Chocolate Mint rooibos tea because you can't have a Valentine's Day gift without at least a little chocolate. As mentioned in previous blog posts, our Chocolate Mint teas are the tea equivalent to Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies (be honest, have you ever had just one of these?). Try thinking about the deliciousness of York peppermint patties or Andes mints, and then imagine sipping these flavors. It's divine and sure to get the tea novice in your life hooked! Rooibos tea are also all caffeine free so you can enjoy this tea for dessert and not worry about losing sleep! 
We, then, went on to include an ounce of our Decaf Black Raspberry tea in this set. We chose this as it is one of our most popular black teas. It is decaf and can be enjoyed at all hours, and it is downright delectable! The base is a black Ceylon tea that is infused with the natural raspberry flavors. We regularly hear of it as "almost jam-like" and "very sweet". This is a wonderful tea for those new to the tea world because it allows them to experience black tea, but with a sweet, fruity twist! 
With tea babies, we know that sometimes giving them a tea infuser immediately can be intimidating. That's why we chose to include these DIY teabags in the Keeper Steeper. They are These bags are wonderful for a variety of reasons. First of all, with loose leaf teas, you can use these bags to brew whatever cup of tea you are feeling like that day. You aren't tied down to buying a whole box of one kind of tea. Next, they are so great for the tea drinker on the go. Instead of packing your tea, your infuser, etc, why not just pre-make this tea bag and hit the road? It's the classic example of "just add water". These tea bags are tough enough for multiple steeps, unbleached, and biodegradable as well. If your valentine is someone who prides themselves on being environmentally conscious, these guarantee you some added bonus brownie points. (P.S. When you're swee-tea inevitably falls in love with tea, this gives you the option to give them an infuser for a future gift. We love those who think ahead!) 
Lastly, every new tea drinker needs an introduction into tea ware and thus we included one of our beautiful Washi tins. They are called Washi tins as they are hand wrapped in Japanese traditional washi paper. The paper features cherry blossoms. These tins are wonderful as they keep teas fresh and are intended to be displayed for all to see! 
You know you've found yourself a keeper, now let us help you make them a steeper! We have a limited number of this set so get them quick! Stay safe and warm! - Kaytea :) 

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