Teas to Combat That Pesky Common Cold!

Teas to Combat That Pesky Common Cold!

Hello tea friends! A new week & a fresh start! That is our mantra for this week! That being said, we have been hearing a lot lately that many are experiencing the common spring cold. This unpredictable & crazy Upstate NY weather will certainly do that. There are a couple reasons for the settling of this unpleasant feeling this time of year. In this blog we will delve into some of these causes, how to avoid them, & different teas that can help stave off those pesky sniffles! 

One major issue that contributes to the onset of any kind of downtrodden nature proves dehydration. This time of year, as we are all getting ready for Easter, raking our yards & getting them prepped for the spring, and finishing up filing those annoying taxes, we often times forget to drink enough water or fluids. Tea is always an excellent way to ensure that you are getting your recommended daily intake of H2O! A couple of my personal favorites to drink all day long are our Angel Falls Mist, our White Peach, & our Bright Orange. I chose these three as I enjoy them boy hot & cold. Also, both Angel Falls Mist & Bright Orange are tisane teas (you can read further on the difference between teas & tisanes here!) & therefore don't have caffeine in them. This ensures I can still enjoy them in the afternoon & evening without repercussions of not being able to fall asleep! Our White Peach, while it does have a medium amount of caffeine, is still delectable both hot & cold, as well as very light. 

Another essential ingredient to keep in your health regime and keep sickness at bay is lemon; so simple, right?! Lemons are packed with so many essential vitamins & help to flush your system of wastes. They are very high in potassium which is a vital element for your kidney's to function & also to maintain a healthy blood pressure. Your kidney's job is to rid your body of nasty toxins. Also, this time of year, with taxes due as mentioned, our blood pressures can rise a bit. Lemons, & in our case, teas with lemon, help to regulate both of these & make sure you stay purged of contamination, as well as, calm, cool, & collected! Some teas with lemon that we recommend regularly are our Pomegranate Lemon & our Citron Green. Our Pomegranate Lemon is a black tea that incorporates both flavors of pomegranate & lemon. The lemon in this tea serves to enhance the pomegranate flavors & is a beautiful way to start getting excited for the summer season! Our Citron Green is actually a green tea with lemon notes. We love to highlight these notes by squeezing a lemon into this tea to really bring out the citrus flavors! 

One last basic, but critical part of staying healthy or getting back to a healthy state is ensuring you get enough rest! We know this can be a hectic time of year but we have to remember, we can't help anyone else or keep anyone else happy if we are not in a healthy & rested place! We all know that the recommended daily sleep is an average for 8 hours for us & we certainly have some teas here to help ensure you get that! A couple of these teas are our beautiful Chamomile tea as well as our Gentle Slumber. Chamomile is known for its relaxant inducing & sedative properties. We actually have another blog article that details it extensively here! It is known to help reduce stress, anxiety, & be helpful in getting you closer to those sweet dreams. Our Chamomile tea is a herbal type which is simply that, just sun dried chamomile flowers. Our Gentle Slumber is our blend of rooibos tea, peppermint, & chamomile which are all individually known for their calmative properties &, as the name suggests, can help you to relax at the end of the day. 

We want our customers warm, happy, & healthy always! Hopefully these suggestions keep you all that way & continue to keep that annoying springtime cold away! If you have any other suggestions of teas you enjoy when under the weather or home remedies that have helped you, please let us know! Let's all stick together to stay bright eyed & bushy tailed! Have a wonderful week, friends! - Kaytea :) 

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