Lily Obrien's at Good Life Tea!

Lily Obrien's at Good Life Tea!

Hello, tea friends! These past few weeks we have had the pleasure of enjoying the company of our founder and previous owner's daughter, Miss Elizabeth Obrien! Elizabeth, (or Lily to us), approached Susan with an interest in completing an internship here at Good Life Tea for her school requirement. Susan was thrilled! We were honored that Lily wanted to return to her roots at Good Life Tea, learn more about what has changed over the years, and expand upon her customer service and business skillset. Below, Lily has written her own blog post for you to enjoy about her time here. Check it out below! 

"Hello Good Life Tea community! My name is Elizabeth (or Lily) O’Brien. As some of you may know my father, Robert O’Brien, founded Good Life Tea in 2013 and grew it until his unexpected passing in 2020. I have returned to the store through my 3 week senior internship at Harley School and the process has offered me many new perspectives. Admittedly, I  had done a poor job keeping up with the store since my father's passing but when presented with the opportunity to refamiliarize myself, I took it. In returning to a place I was once so familiar with but had fallen out of touch with in the last four years,  I was stricken with how much and yet how little had changed. New shelves were packed full of teas and the comfy chairs that once sat in a corner now are used to store extra stock. At the same time however, the walls I had helped paint were still the same green and the origami cat and dog I gave to my father in third grade still hangs proudly on the fridge. While changes existed superficially, I was quite satisfied with how my father’s attitude and belief in tea, community, and peace has continued to permeate the atmosphere of the store. 

When my father was first opening the store he attended a festival near the lake and enlisted my brother and my cousin Hannah to help him sell his tea and get his business name out there before he opened. Beforehand, he asked my brother and I  which teas he should have as samples. I told him “Hot Cinnamon Spice!” He responded with hesitance as it was summer time and he wasn’t sure how much it fit the environment and if people would like such a bold tea. I told him “It smells like Christmas, people will love it!” It has been a staple since! 

Tea has always been a part of my life even before the store. My grandmother would always pour a warm cup of Japanese green tea after family dinners. My many cousins and I would sip on them after a long, satisfying meal and chat. To this day it is offered after every family dinner and holiday, now prepared by my aunt. On my sick days home from school my dad would brew me a cup of tea and make me my favorite miso soup. For us, tea was a way to show care and gratitude for others in my family. While small, the time it takes to brew a perfect cup tells the recipient that they are worth that time and that favor. 

Throughout his life, my father was a fervent believer in doing what makes you happy and living a satisfying humble life. Everyday I see this philosophy wound up in tea philosophies. The Mindfulness that comes with creating a nice cup of tea step by step allows one to clear their mind and focus on what's in front of you. I have taken his passion for tea, peace, and self care and have carried it with me in my day to day life. It has shaped me into who I am and I encourage any passionate tea drinkers to do the same."

Lily, we are so happy that you wanted to come back to Good Life Tea and work with us. You are a wonderful young lady with a very bright future ahead of you. We love your appreciation and understanding of tea and it's purpose in your day and we wish you all the best in this next chapter in your life. We hope that you continue to enjoy your moments with tea and know that you are always welcome back here at Good Life Tea anytime! 

To our sippers, please comment below with any of your own well wishes for Lily or with your own experiences with Good Life Tea! Happy sipping! - Kaytea :) 



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  • Lovely message, Lily! Being from the Midwest I had to google “Harley School” to make sure you weren’t studying to repair Harley motorcycles (I am sure yu have heard this before)! Good luck to you in all of your pursuits.

    Michael Donaghue on
  • A wonderful uplifting piece of writing — good luck in all of your endeavors.

    Bonnie on

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