Switching to Tea

Switching to Tea

Weekend Vibes, my friends!! 

It being a weekend, often times we aren't so drawn to that cup of coffee as our resurrection for the day. On the opposite, during the week, that first cup of coffee proves our saving grace. I was this person! I promise! That being said, let's speak to our friends who are trying to "can" the coffee & switch specifically to tea. Also, we aren't trying to bash our coffee comrades! If you enjoy a coffee in your morning routine from our friends at local coffee shops, we love them; more power to you! This blog post only serves to plant the seed of, perhaps, ordering tea. 

1. Caffeine Machine 

Working in the shop, previously, I encountered so many people who were concerned about the caffeine content. That, at times was looking for caffeine in high amounts, & at other times, was looking to avoid. As this particular article serves to help those switching to tea, this more so pertains to those seeking caffeine content. Often times I encountered people who thought that giving up coffee meant giving up caffeine. NEWS FLASH! Tea, especially, green teas, delivers caffeine. We have many teas here, one of my especially favorites, that are high in caffeine. If can't come into the store physically, either, we list our caffeine content for each respective tea on our website. 

2. Easy to Brew

Again, working in the shop, often times people would tell me, "Well I brew a full pot of coffee in the morning then don't have to worry about it.". I get it. But, then again, I would hear from the same people that they were drinking the same boring flavor all day long. I love tea in that it opens the door of different flavors throughout the day. Also, if you find a flavor you fall in love with, we have teapots with built in infusers so you can brew tea for all day long! In the morning, typically (always) I start with a cup of my Roasted Yerba Mate; Which brings us to our next point!

3. Morning Mourning 

Again, I get it!! Morning's absolutely stink. & if your it's you're garbage day, literally!!! You're going to tell me, that you love you're first cup of coffee Monday Morning. & I'm behind that. But let's make that better. If that Monday coffee signifies the start of another week of displeasure, let's change that. Instead, tea each morning, especially my favorite, Roasted Yerba Mate, might serve to start & continue your day well.

4. It Can Help You Shed Those Unwanted Pounds!

Drinking tea throughout the day helps to curb those cravings that creep up on us throughout the day. Often times, we find ourselves mindlessly eating snacks out of boredom. Tea, as it is primarily water of course, will help to fill you up & get you through that unnecessary craving to help with weight loss! 

5. Let's keep those cold & flu bugs at bay!

Tea is packed with antioxidants & vitamins that sometimes we are lacking in, especially during the flu season. By drinking your tea everyday you are putting on your the proverbial protective coat! 

These are just a few reasons to switch! For a more extensive list, check out this other blog article I wrote a little over a year ago! Let me know if you guys have any other reasons to add! Hoping you all are enjoying your weekend! Best! - Kaytea :)

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