The 5 Languages of Love in a Tea Dialect!

by Katie Panara March 20, 2019 4 min read

The 5 Languages of Love in a Tea Dialect!

Half way through our week already tea people! How did that happen?? Here's hoping your weeks are going splendid & that you get a chance to enjoy the beautiful sunshine today! 
This week, here at the shop, we stumbled upon a unique epiphany. Three of us have read the eye opening book, "The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts" written by Gary D. Chapman. This is a beautifully written book highlighting the different ways in which we, as human beings, show, express, & feel love. These languages include Words of Affirmation, Quality Time, Receiving Gifts, Acts of Service, & Physical Touch. It details each & goes into depth about how one would decipher which love language is there own &, furthermore, how one can go about knowing their partner's love language in order to properly show them love. As a Good Life team, we all recommend reading this book! It is very thought provoking, a good conversational piece, & all around good knowledge to add to your tool box!

For our purposes, we want to discuss how one may go on to utilize tea in their love language. For instance, if your partner's love language is "Acts of Service", how could tea be a part of making sure they feel loved, acknowledged, & appreciated? We will cover all of them & want you guys to let us know if you try them out & how they work for you! 

1. Words of Affirmation

This love language involves giving and receiving compliments or words of appreciation. Encouraging words is another wonderful addition to this sector. To involve tea here, we suggest that should your loved one make you a cup of tea, be conscious to say aloud to them that you are thankful for them & that you appreciate them taking their time to do so. All of the examples that we give throughout this blog post, too, are interchangeable between both partners. Another, good way to implore this love language, is whilst you & a loved one are enjoying tea together, you could intentionally make an effort to communicate to them other things about them you adore & appreciate. 

2. Quality Time

As mentioned, just above, we often times find ourselves enjoying tea with those we love. Reveling in this sacred time together can be so beautiful & with our busy & chaotic lives, it is easy to let these precious moments fall to the wayside. Making sure to set aside a block of time in the morning to start your day, or a time in the evening to end your day, to sip a cup of tea & talk or laugh with your loved one is a beautiful way to speak the "Quality Time" language of love. 

3. Receiving Gifts

This lovely language is rather self explanatory. What is important to remember in considering this language is, if you choose to show your affection by buying your loved one some tea or tea ware, or should they buy you some tea or tea ware, make sure to take into consideration what kinds of teas or flavors appeal to the recipient. If they love the flavors of caramel or bergamot, make sure to let us know this when you come in so we can direct you towards teas they may like! This is another aspect to this specific language. Tailoring the gift to their specific likes, wants, & passions shows your consideration for them specifically & in turn makes them feel warm & loved. 

4. Acts of Service 

A wonderful way to show love in this language is making your significant other a cup of tea. This can be when they wake up, if they are having a tough time throughout the day, or to close their day. Doing this for them will show them that you are taking your own time to do something kind, specifically for them. If you make this part of your daily routine, it, in turn, dedicates a specific part of your day to them & shows that you want to honor them each day. 

5. Physical Touch

There is something to be said about the beauty & peace that can be felt from physically holding a warm cup of tea between your palms. Imagine doing so with your partner, cuddled up on the couch in front of a fire on a chilly night. This picture even invokes some warm, fuzzy feelings within me! The warm of the tea between your hands can be very reminiscent of the warmth of your loved one next to you!

As we already stated, we highly recommend this book to you all! It is such an interesting read & may open your eyes to new ways to give love to those around you! Again, please let us know if you give these a try, if they work, & any other suggestions you may have for showing love with our teas! Spread the love in all languages! - Kay-tea :) 

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