Let's Switch to the Loose Leaf!

Let's Switch to the Loose Leaf!

Again, we say, Happy Monday, friends! Our goal here is to make Monday's more bearable for you, not such a downer, & hopefully even so, that you look forward to them! Today, we want to talk to you about teabags.

While we don't totally denounce teabags, as we do sell a certain variety here, we are so much more pro infuser! & here's are the reasons why!

1. Do your part to "Go green!" & contribute to saving the environment. 

While teabags are a one or two time use product & all inevitably end up in a landfill, our infuser are indefinitely reusable! These wonderful little gadgets are stainless steel cups micro-perforated thousands of times to allow the flavors of your tea leaves to interact with the water without allowing the leaves to make their way into your cup. They are also better than tea balls as they allow for more interaction with the steeping water, they do not bend or dent as tea balls do, & they will not rust! We stock a variety of different colors & sizes up to 64oz pitchers of these as well!

Check them out here! 

2. Let's try to avoid ingesting bleach & sawdust. 

Teabags are most commonly white, right? Unfortunately, how do you think they got so snow white? Bleach! & we are putting these bleached bags right into the water that we are then ingesting! Oh gosh! Also, the tea that is found in these teabags is often times a very low grade tea, or more of a tea dust. It is more often than not the tea found at the bottom of the barrels that is salvaged & put in the bleached bags for consumer consumption. We prefer you all to have the highest grades of tea & to be drinking it in the safest degree possible!  

3. Tea dust does not have too much flavor to it! 

As you can probably imagine, sawdust, or tea dust doesn't pack to much punch in the flavor department. The tea that you are buying in your teabags is generally very old & has been sitting on a shelf for an extended period of time. This causes an already low grade tea to further it's loss of flavor & become stale. Our teas here are regularly rotated & are guaranteed to be packed with the flavors you are so seeking. 

4. Faster steeping does not ensure more flavor!

Tea bags were initially made to steep tea faster and to a darker color. They were not designed to maximize flavor. Infusers are designed to allow all of the water in your cup to interact with your leaves. They are deep & wide so that all of the water permeates them & pulls out the flavor of your loose tea. Tea bags, conversely, are smaller in surface area and confine your tea to just the bag. 

5. Infusers will save you money! 

When buying tea in teabags you are innately paying for the bag itself. Buying an infuser negates this cost for you & allows to spend your savings on new kinds of tea to use in it! 

6. Making tea in an infuser is super easy! 

Okay, okay we know using tea bags is not rocket science but sometimes customers will tell us they like them for their convenience & transportability. We don't buy it! Using an infuser is just as easy & we have a few other blog articles that detail this for you here! (Click on pictures below)


If you already use an infuser & have other reasons for our customers to switch we would love to here them! Drop them in the comments below! We hope you all have a wonderful week! Enjoy the sunshine & stay warm! - Kay-tea :) 


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