How to choose a great tea infuser for your cup.

how to choose a great tea infuser

5 Point Feature Checklist

Making loose leaf tea is easy with a great infuser.  A great infuser will last for years and, most importantly, make you a great tasting cup of tea.  

Make sure that the infuser is -

  1. Made of sturdy. thick stainless steel.
  2. As wide as the cup. 
  3. Covered with tiny holes (.3mm) along the side and bottom.
  4. Sits 2 inches deep in the tea cup for maximum water circulation.
  5. Handle is large and easy to use.

    Additional comments

    A wide infuser opening makes adding your loose tea easy and keeps stray leaves from falling into your cup. A deep and wide cup allows plenty of water circulation giving the leaves room to expand and impart maximum flavor.  Tiny holes keeps even the smallest of tea leaves out of your cup.  The handle should be easy to use. You don't want to drop it because its too hot or hard to handle.

    A Lid is a Great Bonus Feature

    A lid made of silicone is a great insulator to keep your tea hot, but stays cool to the touch, making it easy to remove. A snug lid keeps your tea from splashing out as you walk out of the kitchen. When you're is done steeping, the lid should double as a coaster to keep the wet infuser of your table..

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