20 Reasons It’s Time to Make the Switch from Coffee to Tea

20 Reasons It’s Time to Make the Switch from Coffee to Tea

          Hello everyone! In my previous posts I have mentioned that I have come over from the dark side (I drank my coffee black), to the tea team. I realized though, that aside from working in the tea shop, I hadn’t given much reason behind my switch and thought I would elaborate on why I have become so fervent about tea consumption. Below you will see 20 reasons why I strongly encourage you to make your own switch!

1. First and foremost, the New Year is here and upon us; making it the perfect time to make a promise and resolution to yourself.


2. You will actually stay awake longer with tea than coffee! (Who knew?!)

          While your average 8oz espresso drink contains about 60 mg of caffeine, an 8oz cup of black tea can contain as much as 70 mg of caffeine! Furthermore, an 8oz cup of green tea can contain as much as 45 mg of caffeine! What’s even better is that as the caffeine component in tea is actually slightly chemically different from that in coffee, it eliminates that horrific crash and makes for a much more pleasant afternoon!


3. After the holidays we all have that dreaded doctor’s appointment in which every doctor is preaching to shed those holiday sweet pounds and that you need to drink more water and stay hydrated. 

          Tea is just water with tea leaves, dried fruit, etc thrown in and the tea you drink will help you get to the suggested (sometimes seemingly impossible) 8 cups (or 64 ounces) of water a day. Additionally, anything more than 3 cups of coffee is known to dehydrate you!

4. As mentioned, per your doctor’s recommendation, those holiday pounds need to be shed. Many teas, especially my personal favorite, Mate, are known to curb your appetite and actually help you deter cravings!

          At Good Life Tea we also have many dessert teas that give you the taste you’re having a hankering for without those calories and sugars! In fact, all of our teas are completely sugar free! (Examples: Chocolate Mint, Florence, Paris, Belgian Chocolate Rooibos, Scottish Caramel Pu-Erh, Chocolate Truffle Oolong)


5. Along with the numerous treats, the holidays often give us license to indulge in a glass of wine or two. And who could forget those 4 mimosas on New Year’s Day morning. Well you’re in luck, most teas are packed with antioxidants, which help immensely to detoxify your body and flush out any free radicals that may be lingering and contributing to that hangover. Even better, from the hydration and antioxidants, tea will leave you looking fantastic!



 6. Staying up until midnight on New Years leaves most of us feeling groggy in the following days back to work. To help catch up on those lost “ZZZ’s” try some tea.

           A study done at the University of Surrey in the UK actually found that those partial to coffee found it significantly harder to fall asleep than their counterparts who preferred tea. At Good Life Tea we have a few particular teas that are known to help you doze off into sweet dreams! We have our Egyptian Chamomile Tea, our Lavender Tea, our Sleep Better, and our house blend called Gentle Slumber! Refer to my previous blog post for more on tea to help with catching winks.  

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7. In the cold and flu season, and with the end of an exciting time like the holidays, tea can help you kick those post holiday blues in just the first sip!

          Whether you are facing trouble mentally from a long day or physically from a pesky cold, tea has long since been known to be the all-inclusive cure. Like a warm hug from your mom, tea seems to provide that perfect taste of safety and home. Moreover, tea will help strengthen your immune system to defend against the petri dish of germs that this season brings. Similar to installing security software on your computer, tea helps to keep you prepared and ready to fight off the next bug on your radar.

 8. Unlike coffee, juices, or alcohol you can drink as much tea as you like without much consequence. 

          Drinking too much coffee will leave you jittery and on your way to an inevitable crash later on. Juice is often times packed with sugars and will leave you not only jittery, but over your suggested daily intake of sugar and counteracting those weight loss goals. And drinking too much alcohol can put you in a number of compromised positions, but also feeling dehydrated and like a pile of garbage for the sequential days. Tea negates all of these feelings and is much gentler on all of your systems.



9. Tea won’t increase or aggravate anxiety or stress.  

          If you are someone like myself who lives with anxiety, it is important to know that coffee can be problematic as it is a stimulant and reduces your levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that is integral in your mood balance. This deficit can lead to depression or anxious thoughts. Tea does not inflict such responses and is a very good alternative for you. 


10. Those higher serotonin levels will undeniably lead to more smiles and we want those smiles to be white!

           Switching to a green or white tea (White Peach is one of our most popular and fabulous hot or cold!) will ensure that you aren’t left with those annoying coffee stains on your pearly whites!

11. Tea can help improve your cholesterol!

          Many unfiltered coffee drinks including French pressed coffee or espresso contain compounds that increase your LDL, or “bad”, cholesterol. By switching to tea you can help to lower this cholesterol as well as hopefully impress your doctor at your next physical!

12. Having heartburn? Give tea a try to relieve this!

          Coffee possesses a property that causes the band of muscle between your esophagus and stomach to relax. This relaxation leaves an opening between the two, which allows for stomach acid to splash back up into the esophagus and cause acid reflux. Thankfully, tea doesn’t possess this same property and actually inversely will help to calm an upset stomach or heartburn.

13. The muscle cramps you may be experiencing aren’t solely from getting back into the gym this January! Coffee plays a role here too!

          Magnesium is a vital mineral in the process of breaking down lactic acid in your muscles. Too much coffee in your system inhibits your body from absorbing this magnesium, which therefore causes you to develop cramps with a lactic acid build up. Switching to tea will eliminate this, as tea does not affect your magnesium uptake. 

14. Tea is easier to make and more user friendly than coffee!
          Now, don’t think I forgot about instant coffee. Although, very easy to make, you get what you pay for in the taste. But have you ever pondered about why your “Venti Caramel Macchiato” costs quadruple what a cup of tea costs? It’s because all the barista has to do is get a cup of hot water and plunk your tea bag in! It’s much easier and less time consuming! And while we only sell loose teas here at Good Life Tea, conveniently we also sell personal infusers as well as tea bags for you to put your loose teas into!
15. To reiterate, tea is much more kind to your wallet! & for someone trying to budget and save like myself, and living with the palate for filet mignon and the budget for the big mac, this proves to be quite a pro of tea! Moreover, here we have over 130 different teas which are not only all delicious, but also notably affordable! 
16. Tea allows for much more variety and creativity.
          While you are sure to be greeted with a plethora of options in any coffee house, I believe tea allows for a wider range when it comes to flavor, variation, and in the case of loose teas, intermixture. At Good Life Tea we have anything from our fruit tisane teas, to our oolong teas, to matcha, to whole flower bursts that bloom in your cup as they steep. Furthermore, if you are looking for some specific flavors we are happy to blend more than one of our loose teas together for you to make your own personal and unique tea. 
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17. Do you love trees? Do you want to feel as though you’re doing your part to “save the rainforest”, however small? Tea is actually better for the environment than coffee! Once you have used a coffee filter, you simply throw it away. 
          Why not come to Good Life Tea where all of our teas are loose leaf and can be used with any one of our reusable infusers over and over again? Also, if you prefer tea bags, we also sell tea bags here that are 100% biodegradable!
18. Tea can actually improve your mental cognition! For an avid former Jeopardy addict such as myself this has quite the draw. 
          Tea is loaded with polyphenols (a superpower when it comes to antioxidants), which have also been linked to increased life longevity! The polyphenols work by dilating your blood vessels and advancing the speed of your blood to the brain which increases the speed at which you can process information! Make two cups of tea a day you're very own "Daily Double"!
19. Have you ever heard of a “coffee party”? Tea, in itself, gives you a reason to have a party and that is definitely a reason I can get behind. Bonus: these “Tea parties” often encompass finger sandwiches and sweets as well. Need I say more? Sign me up.
          In 1840, Miss Anna Maria Stanhope of Bedford, England was perturbed by the cravings that surmounted in the time between lunch and dinner. Thus originated her brilliant idea of “the tea party”. Partakers would enjoy cups of tea and small snacks to deter the cravings.  


20. It could save your life!

          Okay, that was dramatic. But, truly, numerous studies and undeniable research has shown that individuals who regularly and consistently consume tea are at a significantly lower risk for certain kinds of cancers including, but not limited to, liver, colon, stomach, pancreas, and breast. It is thought that this is a result of, again, those darn antioxidants. Tea, especially green tea, is especially potent in an antioxidant known as ECGC, which helps to fight off molecules in your body playing a vital role in cancer development. 

          If your loyalty lies with your lattes, that’s your prerogative and this is a judgment free zone! I, myself, was quite the coffee connoisseur but have since seen the light, and am an avid tea advocate. Start slow! Try switching your first cup of coffee to tea, or just try the switch for a week! I encourage you to try different kinds of teas and experiment with green or white tea versus black tea! Let me know how this works for you and keep me updated on your journey from coffee country to the tea town! If you have any other reasons to switch or points of interest, comment below so I can update my post to reflect these! I hope you all are staying warm and that you find yourself enjoying many cups of our wonderful teas! Happy sipping! – Kay-tea ☺ 

P.S. Valentine's Day is right around the corner & we have a few surprises in store for you! Stay tuned, sipper! ❤️❤️❤️

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